There were 45 responses to this week's TeleTalk question, "Should classrooms reopen regardless of the pandemic?" There were 12 responses saying yes, let schools reopen; 19 responses saying no, too risky to open the schools; and 14 responses that said the jury is still out or didn't answer the question directly.

Yes, school should resume in August. Plexiglass or similar divides could be installed between desks including cafeteria tables. Teachers could also be behind a shield. Face masks and face shields should be the standard as well as plenty of physical distancing.

Yes! I think the kids need to return to school! If parents are scared and want to keep their kids home to do remote learning, then let them. But some children need the interaction with kids, teachers and staff. Plus some of us parents don't have the ability to stay home. Melissa, North Conway

I’d prefer the relatively risk-free method when it comes to our kids and teachers: to wit: use a virtual method that involves a Zoom-like approach and does not involve classroom attendance. Do this for the first semester and then evaluate the results. North Conway

Yes is our answer; however, please keep in mind this reply is based on knowledge we obtained in the tough Conway neighborhoods, the back streets of Bartlett, the neglected backyards of Jackson and from other folks who have no idea about which they speak.

Older bus drivers and their families will be put at great risk if schools open up. More thought needs to be put into this! Lana Roussel Williams

This is hard, and there is no road map. No decision ever satisfies everyone; but know that you have our support in your efforts. Ray Gilmore

If schools are reopening with physical attendance shouldn’t this (SAU Re-Entry Committee) meeting be held physically? Why Zoom? If it’s safe enough to go back for kids and teachers and their contacts, then it’s safe enough for the re-entry committee and administrators to meet in person. Jesse Mixer

Name one thing the federal government has done to open the country much less the schools. Not enough testing, no contact tracing, still not enough masks or hand sanitizer. This is criminal negligence. It’s cavalier fools who stand in the way of eradication, not informed members of society who value the lives of their families. Michael Clark

We closed down schools when this wasn’t so big and switched everything to online to finish the year; but now with cases way higher and climbing everyday and tourists from all over coming into our valley with no respect or care to wear masks or respect boundaries you want to open schools again? Interesting. Kasi Murphy

I have much faith in the humans on the committee who are weighing procedures, protocols and options. They're smart, caring, invested, thoughtful, collaborative and independent thinkers who will consider multiple scenarios and contingency plans. I believe they take this extremely seriously. Rebecca Ayers

Let the kids build immunity! Trish Potosky

The mental well-being of a child will be shattered if he brings the virus home to their family. Worst case, one or more parents die and the child is an orphan. Not a risk I'd be willing to take. Susan Fortier

If we open schools back up, the virus will only get worse and more children will die. John Lajoie

Yes. Melissa Tibbetts

No. It's a bad idea that's going to kill a lot of at risk folk. Carol A. Frost

Yes. Jessica McAvoy

If Kevin Richard can’t attend these meetings in person due to safety concerns then our kids can’t attend school in person due the same reasons. My child’s life is not expendable or more worthless than Kevin or any member of the school boards life. Dawn James

I feel that there are far too many unknowns with this virus still. The long-term health issues with everyone, old and young, needs to be better understood before children should go back to school. Dana Haley

Maybe do both. Have one teacher in each grade continue to do the remote learning for parents who choose not to send their kids, but let the schools open to kids who need to physically be there. Ann Perry

I'm glad we were already home-educating our kids prior to COVID and I know many others who are saying their kids will not be returning to school anytime soon. But this also means the most vulnerable in our communities (our poor) will be the worst hit by this pandemic, because they feel they have no choice but to return to their jobs at the school, or send their children there so they can work elsewhere. Michelle Longley

I feel the jury is still out on returning to school. Right now, I want to see the COVID-19 cases go down, not up like it seems they are. David Robinson

So it's OK to let Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and others out of jail because of the coronavirus. Yet we're going to send our children back to school and put them and our teachers and parents in danger? There is something very wrong with this scenario ... Al Hospers

Schools should be totally defunded. Parents can homeschool the kiddies. Use the money to hire the ex-teachers to be cops.

No, I think we should listen to the CDC and do remote learning. Especially since it's impossible to get little kids to stay distanced and keep masks on all day long. And also, the schools here said one method they might do is two weeks in school and two weeks remote. What a pain in the ass, having to remember which week is for which. Just pick one of the other! Sarah Noyes

The American Academy of Pediatrics says kids need to get back to in person instruction. The mental well-being of our school aged kids is being negatively impacted in so many ways. Look at the numbers from countries where schools have reopened. There are no spikes in COVID-19 numbers post-opening. Let kids return to school. If parents make the choice not to send their kids, that is their option. Kimberly Patterson Callen

My kid has done better at home. Amazing how keeping away from the uncontrolled local riff-raff helps. But she misses interaction with her peers. Brian Hebert

Everyone keeps saying the “psychological” reasons kids need school, social interaction, etc. ...I believe kids can get plenty of that needed interaction at home with parents and grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins. Small social safe circle. Keep everyone safe. Whats a kids psychological well being going to be like if their mom or dad or grandparents die? Deb Roberts

Little kids will not stay away from each other and social distance and keep masks on. Kids are always sick passing things around to each other when there is not a virus so I say no. Laurie Crouse

Yes. Kids are not high risk. Tina King

Children need to get out side and live. They need to play in the dirt and yes even eat some dirt. Children need to be exposed to bacteria instead of living in a bubble. By keeping them home and not allowing them to basically do anything they will be very very sick adults because they haven’t build up their immune system. Craig Pellerin

Open them up! Enough of this Plandemic Hoax! Rick Hurd

No, the safety of our children should come first! In Texas, the children's cases are on the rise, so yes children can get it and be affected. Robin Taglieri

Simple. Reopen when the White House resumes public tours. When Trump interacts with untested visitors. When Trump's children and grandchildren ride public transportation and attend public schools. When FOX broadcasts from studios. When Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen return to prison. Steve Torosian

Open the schools! Children need structure and socialization. I’m from Northeast Connecticut, where we have a very low COVID rate. I’m on my town’s school board. We are opening. Kathleen Sendley Barry

Absolutely not.

The thing that I would do is contact Joe Biden and get a professional opinion. A Conway taxpayer.

I don't think it makes any difference if they open it then or whenever. I see every day — and I mean every day — families with kids under 7, 8 years old, none of them wearing masks. I say before we worry about sending the kids back to school, for everyone out there that doesn't wear a mask, put them in a fenced-in area and let them knock each other off one by one.

Yes, I think kids should absolutely go back to school. There's no reason not to. The risk analysis says that kids don't get sick. I understand that older teachers might have a problem going back to the facility, but you can do a combination of in-school and remote learning. More harm will be done to kids if they do not go back to school. This is the Powder Slasher.

That would be would be a very, very bad mistake for the young people and not too good for the folks at home when they're at home from school. I guess if it is made possible, I guess you can only blame the Republicans. They are happy to be taking down America any way they can. They raise their hands clap and cheer for joy because they take greatest country in the world down. Now they want to take the little kids with them, too. Center Conway.

It is a no-brainer. I don't even know why that question was brought up. It's our safety. We get enough sickness brought in from New York and Massachusetts people. Do not open the schools — even if it's a selectmen's decision or some committee or whatever. No way. Use your head and think this one through. Rocky Thompson, North Conway.

New Hampshire and Vermont have got the two lowest regions in the country. Let's keep it that way. Do not put the young kids, their parents, the teachers at that high risk. Because they will get it and they will spread it to someone at home and so on and so forth. No. Center Conway.

Yes, it should definitely reopen. I would prefer to see it after Labor Day, which gives the schools more time. One of the other options would be split classes — morning classes, afternoon classes But definitely, the kids should go back to the school. Center Conway.

All I've got to say is a dumb kid is better than a dead kid. I would not send my children back to school. No way. This is Paul in Effingham.

I just listened to Betsy DeVos, and all she can keep saying is that children must be back in school. While I agree with her, I don't think that we are ready.

That is a decision that should be left up to scientists and medical staff doctors, not politicians who know nothing about what they're talking. My question is: What about Fryeburg Academy, with students from other countries? Would they even want to come here, seeing our response to this pandemic?

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