There were 34 responses to this week's Tele-Talk question, "What should the county do with the old Mountain View Nursing Home?" The most popular responses were homeless shelter, veterans housing or affordable housing. 

Weren't we told the old nursing home was inhabitable? That's why we need a new single-room Medicare and Medicaid nursing home. The only thing they should do is sell the land it sits on and get new property taxes on it. Anything the county decides to do will just raise taxes some more. Maryanne Burchill

The best use would be a homeless shelter or some sort of a shelter home for veterans. They can use the kitchen and there's plenty of room there. However, it should be privately run and privately managed. The current situation with 15 politicians trying to run it, it'll never ever work because they will never, ever just make a decision on anything. Peter, Ossipee Corner

I always thought that it should be used for our veterans, our homeless ones. But today, I think we should put all of the out-of-staters who are bringing the virus into the valley in this nursing home. Put bars on the window and throw away the key. RW

It's hard to say what to do with it. You have to check the viability of perhaps opening it up to the homeless, the indigent, or people who really need to be separated from other people due to the virus. It's hard to say which position to go forward on right now. I would say look into helping the homeless. They could use three square meals. For 99 percent of the people, it's not their fault that they're homeless. They can use some help.

I think they ought to put it into affordable housing for those who cannot afford housing themselves, and make it affordable so that people sleeping on the streets have a place to stay. Unlike in Conway, when they should have taken the old Kennett High School and done the same. Rocky Thompson, North Conway.

Take the windows out of there, half of them and put them in Kennett High School. Kennett High only really needs half the windows because the kids are only going to be there for half the time now.

Why don't you make it available for people who are in dire straits and need low-income housing.

Convert it into a sanitarium for those infected with COVID-19. Let’s all follow the CDC guidelines by wearing masks and keeping distanced, and we can beat this. I can tell you from experience it’s no fun being in the hospital. Be safe and stay healthy everyone. Dave Mandel, North Conway

A large visitor center specifically for our Bay State visitors. It would charge $2 for parking, $2 for restroom use, and children under 12 would pay $3. A gift shop and snack bar would be available with a 10 percent sales tax. A free small theater would be in operation, showing the greatest speeches of Governors Deval Patrick and Charles Baker. Hours of operation would be whenever.

What a GREAT place it would be to provide housing for the homeless and our veterans.

How about converting it to a junior/senior high school for Ossipee students? Then Wolfeboro could pay their fair share to run their schools instead of dumping the taxes on Ossipee homeowners. Gloria

Drug rehab. Lauren Metzger Jodoin

Small business development center. Aj Battles

Homeless shelter for veterans! Robin Day

Homeless shelter! One is desperately needed in Carroll County. Amanda Allard

Homeless shelter. Carroll County is the only county in the state without one. Homeless residents have to travel as far as Lancaster, Laconia and Manchester for shelters, which are, more often than not, full and/or limited to people who live in those counties. There is a widespread misconception that our counties’ homeless are put up in hotels by town welfare or TCCAP, and this is a falsehood. We NEED to do better. There ARE people living in tents, vehicles, and even spending the night in public restrooms. We cannot keep ignoring this problem. Beth Bourassa Corbett

Boys & Girls Club or YMCA. The Allard YMCA in Goffstown has outdoor biking trails, indoor/outdoor tennis courts, pools. They provide a summer program for youth while providing college student camp jobs. A massive workout center, swim lessons among so many other programs. Cheri-Beth Stackpole

Housing or a shelter. Shannon M. Brown

The top two priorities for Carroll County that come to mind are: 1. Homeless shelter. There are so many families and single people living on the streets that need a safe place to go. Winter will soon be upon us! 2. Halfway house. When inmates get released, a lot of them have lost their place of residence and even family/friends. A halfway house gives them a chance to find work, save up and start over. Tammie Savini

School. Ethan Bump

Homeless shelter with offices for support agencies. Make it a one-stop shop for the homeless needing help. Mike Fairbanks

Housing for veterans. They earned it! Donna Friddle

I have done a lot of work in there. It’s so much space that could help so many people. Nick Avignone

Homeless/drug-free shelter that offers psychological services and addiction referrals. Cheryl McNaughton

How about it’s turned into auxiliary space for Memorial and area hospitals temporarily, until we get through the COVID-19 crisis? Then turn it into a homeless/affordable housing complex for New Hampshire citizens who truly need it. Zac A. Mercauto

It would be nice for homeless people, and to help them get jobs and get back on their feet. Half for men and the other half for ladies and kids. Roxanne Holt

Airbnb. Cameron Lambert

Anything geared towards veterans or their families. Gretta Ava

Sell it. Nora Smith Price

Low-income/affordable housing for the locals who live in that hell hole of a town. Joe Powell

Housing for homeless, low-rent housing, recovery housing. Jen Hall

Affordable daycare for working parents. A win-win for children, parents, and nursing home residents. Deb Fischbein

Some type of housing for vets, homeless, domestic abuse, etc. Donna Corbosiero Marks

Low-income housing. Gloria Frost Powell

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