There were 15 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question, “Should the town use the Whitaker House as public restrooms rather than build new facilities?”

Do we really need to be spending that kind of money now? There are public restrooms at the community center, ski museum and the train station, which are centrally located in our shopping district. The Met has bathrooms. Another available restroom, Ben & Jerry’s. Have a cone while you’re there. We won’t lose tourists if new bathrooms aren’t available. The town is taking a hit as well as consumers. The operating budget did not take into account this kind of inflation. Let’s just not spend on what we want. Hang onto it for something we need. Let’s have a do over special vote with the current inflation rate in mind. Now that the subject has been made more aware of, perhaps a better voter turnout would be seen. I will never forget North Conway’s “Great Toilet” debate. Linda Burtwell-Sullivan

How about using that “rec revolving fund” for the children that can’t afford to attend the amazing Conway rec summer program instead? Tracey Sevieri

What’s wrong with the ski museum? Always closed. Eugene Guinasso

People come to visit and stay at hotels-use the bathroom before you leave like your mother told you. For daytrippers, there are plenty of bathrooms around, train station, Settlers Green, ski museum, Walmart. The town should not be spending the citizens money, any amount, on this. We cannot become the cash cow for the tourists. Stephanie Rogers

Every place in town has restrooms. Buy a coffee and use McDonald’s. Go to Hannaford or Shaw’s and buy a pack of gum. Or don’t. The only reason there was a problem was that we were in a pandemic and places were closed. Tourists came here anyway and then tourists complained about restrooms. This is a waste of money. I have never gone on vacation and had a problem finding a restroom. But, I will add, it doesn’t matter if we voted it down or not we voted down short-term rentals and look what happened. Anna Hatch Peare

We already have a restroom at the ski museum. Pay someone to clean what’s already built and already there. It’s a really simple concept. And you also have the community center. They said that it’s closed during summer camp, but yet they still have pickleball. And they still have 12-step meetings in that building. There’s no reason why the town cannot use those. Utilize the bathrooms that are already standing and built. You pay someone to clean and maintain them. It’s not rocket science. The Whitaker Wood site is not in the village. It’s too far down the road. There’s no reason to spend $399,000 when we already have existing bathrooms. This is becoming ridiculous. Stop spending absurd amounts of money. Stop letting more hotels come to this town. We need a moratorium so we can deal with what we already have at hand.

It appears that the bathroom committee designed to select a new location for public toilets have dug themself a hole that they can’t seem to get out of. So rather than going with the previously announced agreement to come up with a new solution for a new toilet for public facilities, they decided to default to an existing location. That location is used for softball games, kids games, cross-country skiing in the wintertime, and as a shelter for the people selling tickets for the MWV Ski Touring Association. It was not intended to be open to the public for them to go in and trash and leave toilet paper and paper towels and whatever other disgusting element they may carry up here with him. Parking in that area is limited. It is often filled up in the winter times and, of course, it’s filled up in the summertime during softball activities or any other activities adjacent to the Whittier house. I for one as a citizen don’t want to see that building trash. This is Jeff from Intervale

We should use the Whitaker House as the public restrooms. And please return that $499 — oh no, excuse me — $399,000 to the town coffers. I think we are sick to death always spending money just for the tourists.

Using the Whitaker House as a public restroom would be great. If my 6-year-old daughter was playing on the playground, and she needed to use the facility, she would have no trouble at all walking up to Whitaker Field. And just like my 82-year-old grandmother, if she was at a craft fair on the common, it wouldn’t take her very long to walk up to Whitaker Field to use the Whitaker House. I’m sure she could do that. This is Pete Strange.

I don’t think either one is a good idea. We have enough tourists staying in this town, and they can use the restrooms wherever they happen to be staying.

Absolutely. I feel like we should be using the facilities at Whitaker Woods.

I say malarkey. Eighty-seven percent of our tourists are nice folk. In God’s name, why not provide them with the best toilet facilities as possible? For God’s sake, why not provide as many toilets as the town can. Have you been downtown Manchester or Portland between 7 and 9 a.m., lately? you will see quite a number of people defecating in the street. It’s very gross. Is this what we want here? If so, then vote for Democrats.

Since all taxpayers have to foot the bill and cater to North Conway, this may be just a step in the right direction DW, Conway

This is Gordon. I’m all in favor of using the Whitaker House as public restrooms rather than building new facilities. Let’s save the taxpayers some money on this one.

As far as using the Whitaker house as public restrooms, they’re not in a good location. The lost opportunity was the old post office next to the train station. That would have been an ideal location for restrooms. Possibly what should be looked into is using the old movie theater and turning those first floors into public restrooms. That’s an ideal location given the foot traffic in the village. Elwyn Henton of North Conway

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