To the editor:

You read in the Sun's court news of people who instruct justice by trying to interfere in a criminal investigation. They are, if found guilty, usually fined and given jail time.

The other day, over 30 Republican congressman stormed a committee room of the House intelligence Committee investigation on Trump's dealings with the president of Ukraine whether Trump withheld funds unless the Ukraine investigated Joe Biden's son who was a board member of an energy firm. This pressure is unconstitutional.

The committee was to hear testimony from the deputy assistant secretary of defense when the mob of Republicans stormed the secure "sensitive compartmented information facility," or SCIF.

This is an area where no phones or cameras are allowed but these people brought phones, called news sources and even called for pizza. Now if these phones were bugged Russians or Chines may have been allowed in this area.

House Republicans Matt Gaetz of Florida, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows of North Carolina and the others who broke the House rules as well as Constitution should be taken into account and all of these congressmen should have their names published to let us all know who these people who ignore and break the law are and vote them out of office.

Would you want someone to walk into a jury room and disrupt the deliberations of the jury?

And these Republicans followed the law during the Benghazi investigations.

And, of course, Trump encouraged and supported these alleged criminals.

We do not need to drain the swamp, we need to sanitize and fill it in.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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