To the editor:

Just read some interesting news today: the Republican National Committee is paying former president Trump's lawyers for a New York criminal investigation for some of his company's business practices. Not about any of the supposed election frauds or the capital invasion or anything to do with politics, his personal company's business's wrong doings.

Talk about cow-towing to "the boss." The RNC claims they did this because Trump is one of their biggest fundraising draws and so they should help. What happened to Trump's "billions?" (He kept over $43,000,000 from political donations for his last presidential run.) Why is the RNC even involved in a criminal investigation on Trump and his company? (Money?)

And as to why I continue to harp on Trump even though he is no longer president? Because he keeps opening his mouth and says something stupid like still promoting the "stolen election" or, in this case, having the RNC help this "poor" man with his legal woes.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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You keep harping on Trunp because Biden is a failure and embarrassment tt the office and the country."birds of a feather"

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