To the editor:

Dear Justice Barrett,

I understand your religion has dictated that you must carry all pregnancies to term (unless they naturally abort). My religion does not have those restrictions. In the matter of laws, religion should not be a consideration.

As intended from the beginning. You know this. You must reconsider your decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Are you even remotely thinking about the economic impact on all Americans by forcing pregnancy? You are fortunate you were able to have seven children and go to law school. Let me tell you the percentage of women who are able to do that as well. It is a very small number.

This isn’t about morality. You cannot dictate your morals to another person. It’s about autonomy. You cannot tell another person what they can do with their body. A corpse can’t donate a heart no matter the need. Corpses therefore will have greater bodily autonomy than women. It is absolutely mortifying that the court would decide that all women should be imprisoned against their will, regardless of the circumstances.

Nobody likes abortion. Abortion is health care. Period. Every day zygotes abort in nature — no one is concerned for those “babies.”

If you do this, more babies will be dangerously aborted, more women will die. Desperate women will get illegal late-term abortions — which will kill a formed baby if done past the point of viability. No one has the right to tell you what to do with your own body. Women have the right to control their own bodies.

Do not set back women. Do not make them second-class citizens. Do not let men control the narrative, our bodies, our futures. Be bigger than your religion and do what is right for the entire country. Religion does not belong in law. As the founding fathers very much declared.

Please reconsider. You do not want this to be your legacy. You do not want this controlled by the states and changing the laws at every whim, depending on who is in office. Trust me. Do not endanger women this way. Do not belittle us more than we already are.

Tracy Orlando

Fryeburg, Maine

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Perhaps Justice Barrett should be more concerned with the “babies” that are killed in their own classrooms! If she is so “pro life” is she willing to ban AF15s? Nineteen little children and two of their teachers were killed yesterday. What about pro life for them? Or is she just pro birth snd to hell eith the kids once they get here?


"My religion does not have those restrictions. In the matter of laws, religion should not be a consideration."

So we should opt for your religious convictions but not others?

If religious precepts are not considered for basic foundational civil behavior or morals, what is?


Please re-read. This country was founded on FREEDOM of RELIGION. Which means NO religion should be the SOLE source for determining law. You DO NOT need religion TO BE A MORAL person. We can devise a moral societal code that has nothing to with the laws of God, but is based on the rules of civil interaction. Church is for your home and heart, not lawmaking.

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