To the editor:

The expectations were set low for skiing this season, but Vail has managed to sub-perform in every aspect at Attitash and Wildcat. Passholders have encountered a wide variety of Vail’s mismanagement, from failure to make snow to proper staffing to run lifts to even the most uncomplicated convenience of providing outdoor cubies for people to store their bags.

Wildcat claims to have lost the snow-making ability at the top part of the mountain and appears unable to staff the high-speed quad. Attitash only turns on the Flying Yankee when the triple breaks down, a daily occurrence. And essentially, there is only one way down from Bear Peak and Attitash.

Both mountains issued a measly generic apology earlier this week. Missing from these apologies was how Vail management planned on rescuing the remaining season. It’s pretty simple. First, hire competent mechanical contractors to fix the snowmaking and the triple. Second, pay more than a big box hardware store to entice staff to work the lifts and snowmaking equipment.

When the Sacklers sold out to Vail, there was cautious optimism that an honest ski company would know how to manage these ski resorts. With that optimism fading to despair, I’m hoping that Vail sells these two ski resorts to a drug cartel who needs an asset to offset earnings elsewhere.

Hopefully, a new operator will understand that they need to pay competitively, make snow when it’s cold, fix lifts and snowmaking equipment in the summer, and hire staff.

If Vail doesn’t fix these problems soon, I’ll be joining the throngs of skiers who plan to ditch the Epic Pass next season.

Conway and Framingham, Mass. 

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I have my EPIC pass for which I paid about $364. I have yet to go to the slopes. I hope not to be abused by the same degrading and insulting situations described by people who have already had complaints. I hope they get their act together or I too will never do business with them.


I fully agree. I am ditching my Epic Pass and getting an Ikon Pass and will be skiing at Sunday River, which has done tons of snowmaking and already has 72 trails and 410 acres of skiable terrain open, compared with 8 trails (36 acres) at Wildcat and 18 trails (81 acres) at AAttitash. Vail Corp is sitting on $1.5 billion of cash after selling 2.1 Epic passes for 2021-22, and it's starving its 37 Vail-owned ski resorts of much needed money to hire and retain dedicated snowmaking crew, grooming staff, and lift operators. Instead, thus week Vail spent $120 million to buy another three ski areas in Pennsylvania. Vail should be spending the money generated from Epic Pass sales on improving the skiing experience of its current Epic Pass holders at its 37 currentl mountains, not using the money to buy more mountains

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