To the editor:

I have not been a fan of FOX News for many years, except for the Chris Wallace show which aired on Sundays. But last week’s coverage by FOX of the Jan. 6, 2020, riot at the U.S. Capitol sank below news into straight propaganda.

Between 60-70 percent of Republicans still believe in the “Big Lie” that Donald Trump won the 2020 election even though many of the election officials in key states, like Georgia and Pennsylvania, were Republicans.

These were local conservatives who had honesty and integrity, and belief in the U.S. democratic process and values. These unsung heroes are being actively attacked by the wacky wing-nuts on their right.

I’m an independent because there are politicians, in both parties that care more for the perks and future moneyed paths of office than their duty to represent the best interests of their voter base (see polls on gun laws). We need honest, unbiased coverage of the actions of politicians on many key issues, and also their donations from key people and industries.

Today, I watched “FOX and Friends” whine about “the lack of coverage of the other, liberal news channels about Hunter Biden’s computer” and his drug habit and other moral failures. While this might be “news,” it doesn’t rise to the level of the serious Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol to overthrow the 2020 election or even Jared Kushner’s dealings with the Saudis to help his real estate problems.

FOX News has turned into an embarrassing caricature and propaganda outlet for the crazies on the right wing of the Republican Party. This might be amusing if the stakes were not so high.

For democracy to work we need an enlightened electorate not dumbed-down zombies, force-fed “facts” by sources that know what you would like to hear.

In the letters to the editor section of The Conway Daily Sun, we read a lot of disgruntled readers disagreeing with something they read — good.

Susan Rheault

North Conway

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Susan, I watch Fox with the wife in the am and then we switch to NBC 'Today'. Fox is biased right and all others are biased left. I fail to see how Fox could be having the affect on 'minds' you claim. The reality is, not many people care about Jan 6th. Hundreds were arrested and charged. Trump is done. You cannot let go. The left made Trump and continues to need him as a bogeyman. It has nothing else.


Its tough to be critical of someone that suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome and Mass Formation Psychosis. This person was so badly duped and fell for one of the biggest conspiracy theories in US history yet doesnt even realize it. The ain stream media and Dem politicians lied to the American people every single day for 3+ year trying to convince people that Trump colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 elections. And WITHOUT a single piece of credible evidence being produced. The author of this article was conned into believing that serious crimes took place that just didnt happen. And unable to see the level of deception and propaganda used to hypnotizer her into believing crimes that had absolutely no evidence to support them, she continues to listen to the same politicians and main stream media outlets that hijacked her mind. Just as there was no evidence to support the Trump/Russia collusion delusion, there is no evidence to support the claims that an insurrection took place on Jan. 6. But there is evidence that massive fraud took place in the 2020 election. Our country is doomed when so many fall for a conspiracy theory where there is no evidence to support it but also deny the mounds of evidence of fraud and the thousands of signed affidavits from witnesses to the fraud or election laws being violated.


The only caricature of crazy is the Left's insistence that what happened on January 6th was an "Insurrection".

If you can't see through the smoke and mirrors of what this is all about, well, that's on you.

Our economy is rapidly crashing, our foreign policy is a muddled mess, our energy policy is absurd on every level, and socially, we have entered into a twisted, forced construct that a majority of people aren't buying.

So all the Dems have is "The Insurrection". Talk about the Big Lie...

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