To the editor:

I was surprised to read a letter on Wednesday from State Rep. Jonathan Smith (R-Ossipee). I was even more surprised to see blaring hypocrisy combined in a few paragraphs, even the same sentence.

Rep. Smith talks of the individual, rights and beliefs. All well and good. Those are protected in this country. I think we can all get on that train. But I quickly had to disembark as he continued to write.

First, he talked about collective society being rooted in Marxism and Communism. This is a scare tactic used by the right to rile up the constituents. Every society, whether communist or not, is based on collectivism. Democracy itself, this republic, was formed to represent the collective.

Maybe Rep. Smith didn’t understand that the Rep. in front of name stood for that. Or Rep. Smith doesn’t much care for democracy? Maybe the founding fathers got it wrong, he just knows better? Or maybe he’s trying to invoke scare tactics to win votes.

Next, he talks of individual rights and beliefs, and bodily autonomy. He says these things and speaks of the unborn heart. Clearly a link to abortion that he is too afraid to actually write about. You cannot in the same breath claim to respect choice and bodily autonomy while curtailing abortion. It doesn’t matter whether you are pro-life or pro-choice. The government should not be able to tell anyone what to do with their own body, and abortion laws do just that to women.

So, Rep Smith: Don’t throw a letter out with false claims, and disingenuous patriotic-sounding blurbs trying to convince me you’re doing what is best. You are neither a patriot nor a very good historian. You are simply part of the problem.

Ryan McKee


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'65 T-Bird

Ryan is correct; Jon Smith's comments reflect his 'True Colors', as well as upbringing by parents and Family whom are mostly 'Trumpers' :-( His parents live in 'The Villages' in FL and follow FOX and company 'Religiously'. His Aunt/Uncles where mostly cut from the 'Same Cloth', but his 'Grandmother' would rollover in her grave if she could see 'How Her Children/Grandchildren' blindly follow the 'Far Right Philosophy' 😦😭

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