To the editor:

So much has already been said about the pandemic, I hesitate to add to it. But the stark truth is that the pandemic has exposed the brutality of the U.S. economic, labor and health-care systems, hitting low-income and racialized communities in unacceptably disproportionate numbers.

Our system forces people to work when sick or else they lose vital income. They have to work in unsafe conditions while corporate profits soar. They avoid doctors or hospitals for fear of ruinous bills. In just one example, the CDC found that while the state of Georgia is 39 percent non-white, 83 percent of patients hospitalized there with COVID-19 as of May were nonwhite.

Our leaders serve this system, not us regular folks. They are allowed to ignore scientific evidence. They can make and justify whatever decisions benefit themselves and their patrons.

They ignore the evidence that makes harmful actions more likely, such as continued exploitation of fossil fuels, reopening an economy in the throes of a pandemic, and a police force that targets Black people with violence in even minor incidents or for no reason at all.

Roderick Forsman


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