To the editor:

Each of us who values his vote must remain on the alert, despite the fact that the liberal attempt to nationalize our system of elections was stopped on its first attempt.

The so-called For the People Act, which would more accurately be named the End Honest Elections Act, was blocked last month in the Senate. However, it may be brought up again at any time. Furthermore, there is the strong possibility that some of its worst provisions might be added to another bill on which a vote is expected.

Americans need to have confidence in their elections, rather than returning to the fraud that was practiced at least as recently as 1960. Voters must be required to show ID at the polls. Registration lists must be regularly cleaned to remove those who have died or moved. Registration by non-citizens must be prevented.

The state legislatures have mostly done a good job of protecting our elections, and are now taking steps to make the system even better. Congress must not be allowed to destroy these protections.

Peter J. Thomas

Silver Lake

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As time goes by more and more Americans, on both sides of the aisle, are questioning the outcome of the last election.

If there is anything we need it's stricter and tighter voting processes in order to validate the integrity of our elections.

The last election was a free-for-all of changes and bending of the laws.

The only one's crying "suppression" are those that can't cheat.

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