To the editor:

According to Commander-in Chief Joe, everything in the abysmal withdrawal from Afghanistan "was all priced into the decision." Well, commander, I have a few questions regarding your pricing structure and who came up with this total failure.

First: Who were the idiots that abandoned the Bagram AFB and instead kept KIA in the middle of Kabul now surrounded by the Taliban leaving tens of thousands of Americans and Afghanis that helped us over the last 20 years? Within that AFB, left behind were Black Hawk helicopters, munitions and arms, sophisticated drones, MRAPS, MRE's and stuff I cannot research.

The Taliban has all the info, including pics, fingerprints, addresses, family, on the Afghani pilots we trained. Can you imagine the threats the Taliban can make to get these pilots to fly for their purposes?

What do you think the Chinese would pay for one of our sophisticated drones to reverse-engineer? How are the tens of thousands of Americans and Afghans outside of KIA that helped us going to get through the dozens of Taliban checkpoints to KIA? Why did you not destroy all the sophisticated equipment and other things helpful to the enemy before you abandoned Bagram AFB?

Joe, why did you ignore the CIA, NSA, most of your generals and even mainstream press that predicted the Taliban would engulf Afghanistan if you withdrew without a solid plan? A plan that should have left air power and military present until you got out Americans, sympathetic Afghans and our entire embassy staff now surrounded by Taliban?

Joe, why are you blaming Donald Trump, saying you inherited this plan from him when you dismantled his border policy, Keystone Pipeline, stopped the border wall, reversed refugee bans from terrorist states, revoked limited legal immigration during the pandemic, and waived sanctions on Russia for Nord Stream 2 pipeline for natural gas to all of Europe?

Why didn't you just cancel his withdrawal plan? Did not Trump's plan keep air power at Bagram AFB to support specific threats to one of the heads of the Taliban? A specific threat to vaporize his village first if any American was harmed during the withdrawal with the air power in place at at Bagram AFB to back up his very specific threat.

This debacle has yet to be played out especially that according to our Secretary of Defense admitted to today that we do not have the ability to go out and and retrieve Americans outside of KIB. Joe, the blood of all these Americans and Afghan sympathizers is going to be on your hands forever in history.

I will end with a quote from Robert Gates, Obama's Secretary of Defense: Biden has "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."

Peter Hill

North Conway

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Jacob and Al

Yes, President Biden is responsible for the recent deaths in Afghanistan. Being, consistent, President Trump is responsible for the deaths in the previous four years; President Obama for the eight prior to him. As Harry Truman said, "the buck stops here."

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