To the editor:

Stop misquoting the president. It’s no surprise to anyone the local newspaper endorses a Democrat for president. Newspapers across the country, for some reason, like liberal and leftist candidates. What bothers me is when a newspaper endorses a candidate, and they have to lie to justify their position.

Take, for example, the recent editorial in The Conway Daily Sun. The Sun said the president “exaggerated the size of the crowd attending the inauguration.” That is a straight out lie. What the president said was, “more people watch the inauguration than ever before.”

The big tech companies carried it live, and they estimated 35 million people watch worldwide online, and with TV coverage, this was clearly a larger audience than ever before.

I agree the president needs to tone down the rhetoric, but Trump did not ask for this chaos. He has been responding to attacks and lies since the day he came down the elevator. The editorial was about undecided voters.

I challenge undecided voters to do a little research on their own. Try Googling “creepy Joe Biden” or a great CBS news report (when they were still journalist) on Joe’s plagiarism and making up stories of his college degrees when he ran for president. Look into his disgusting racist comments, many of which he says today.

More than anything, stop following the media and do your own research. Biden has 47 years of doing nothing, and if you take the time, you can watch unedited video of everything he has said or done over the years. These are not “gaffes” as the media would have you believe. What you will see is the real Joe Biden, and I will take Trump and all his chaos over Biden any day of the week.

Mike DiGregorio


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And just what has tRump accomplished in the last four years to make you life better? Make America THINK again! Throw this lunatic out on November 3rd!


Republicans are destroying America. Trump is a racist fake billionaire who wouldn't even let you step on any of his properties. RIP America 1776-2020

I'll take Biden over ANY republican.


Democrats are destroying America one city at a time with their unsustainable Socialist policies, lawless rioting, weaponizing of govt agencies, and hate for our country.


I'm busy putting up a wicked overload of exterior Christmas lights and when Trump loses my place will make Clark Griswold's home look like a night light.

Enough of Donald Trump. More than enough. Good riddance!

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