To the editor:

In a previous letter, after stating that Frank McCarthy had repeated a list of Trump lies, I pointed out that Ray Shakir launched an insane personal attack on one of the people who had highlighted some of the flaws in McCarthy’s column (Jeff Robinson).

Ray’s response was to launch another insane personal attack, this time at me, that was an incomprehensible list of craziness that is not normally seen even from the far right reaches. Ray’s rant is a great representation of what is wrong with the right; instead of facts, they pull out some dog whistles like Communism and Socialism, make crazy unsubstantiated claims about things and people they know nothing about, misrepresent things others say, and eschew all intelligent observation and facts.

For those who don’t know, letters to the editor are limited to 300 words. While I did point out the fallacy of McCarthy claiming the Democrats would be stacking the Supreme Court if they added justices, after recapping the thoughtful letters that led to Ray’s attack on one of those responses, there was no room left to point out the other lies McCarthy listed.

The thing is, there’s no need to, as many people have pointed them out repeatedly in letters in the Sun, and they have been disproven by fact-based publications around the world. It doesn’t change anything for people like McCarthy and Ray though, as they continue to spew the same lies no matter how many times they’re disproven with facts. Like Ray’s attacks on myself and Jeff Robinson, they stoop to name calling and the emotional reactions of a 5-year-old who’s told no.

If you want to be taken seriously Ray (your behavior has not led to that), grow up, do some research, learn the facts, and then use facts in intelligent discourse.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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Hey Kerins, If you cannot take the heat stay out of the kitchen

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