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The midterm elections were hailed by many as a step back from the abyss for American democracy, but how much of a step back was it really? Yes, it was historic that the party in power lost so few seats, but while many election deniers/liars were defeated in swing states, many in red states won.

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You say, "instead of investing a minute to find the facts". However, you offer no outlets or purveyors of the "facts" that you would find credible.

Please, enlighten us so that we all may become "better informed".

Otherwise, you are nothing more than what you rail against.

I would suggest that perhaps the "truth" you seek is somewhere with the latest generation of independent journalists who have turned to podcasts and SubStack where they get to report the facts without filters.

All the Major Networks, Public Networks, and Cable Media are nothing but propaganda.

I'd also stop believing that you have a handle on "the truth" and start questioning everything, especially your own biases.


You are correct! It amazes me that in this day and age people are still voting for proven liars! Long Island is a perfect example. People knew that George Santos was lying but the media dropped the ball. His mother was t in the second tower on 9/11….she was in Brazil! He didn’t operate a charity for animals…but he did steal $3000 that he raised on Go Fund Me for an operation for a Veteran's Service Dog …and the dog died! He claimed on one year’s taxes that he made just $50,000 and the next that he loaned his campaign $700,000….and he didn’t win the Lotto! He claimed to have worked on Wall Street for Goldman and another brokerage…he didn’t! He claims to have graduated from College…he didn't! And it goes on and on! But he supported McCarthy so he got seats on two committees. Taylor Green is another proven liar but is much more dangerous because she’s also an election denier and a supporter of The Insurrection…..said if she and Bannon had been running it “they would have won”. Which means Democracy would have lost! And let’s not forget some of her crazy statements like “Jewish space lasers are to blame fir the fires in California” among others. And she got seats on two important committees. The Representative from Arizona or New Mexico (I forget which snd I forget his name) whose own family begged people to NOT vote for him because he’s NUTS got his committee assignments back. He had been stripped of them last Congress because he threatened to kill Democrat Members. Why is he not in jail? I thought it was against the law to threaten to kill someone…especially elected officials. And these are only a few examples of dangerous people who got ejected or re-elected! We just saw how dangerous these people are. Less than 2.5 percent of the House held up the Nation’s business in order to get their own way. And McCarthy let them. He not only let them but he gave them everything they wanted. In effect, they have made him an ineffectual Speaker. Now they are saying that they won’t raise the Debt ceiling (which they did THREE times during Trump) until they get what they want…severe cuts in Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. If they shut down the government thinking all the services we won’t get…mail being just one. Federal employees won’t get paid but will be expected to work. What if the military, prison personnel, and border patrol just decide to quit? And what will happen to those 62 or older who depend on Social Security to live? And what about those who depend on Medicare/Medicaid to provide health care for cancer, deceased like diabetes, and heart problems? Seems to me that the REPUBLICANS are actively trying to kill off as many of us as they can! And it could all br fixed if they would just FORCE people like Musk and Bezos to pay what they owe in taxes! That goes fir people like Trump too. I pay mine…they should too!

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