To the editor:

A few truly egregious things need to be pointed out from Bill Catalucci’s recent letter.

In my previous letter, I pointed out how to escape the clutches of the right-wing liars Bill and others have been listening to, showed the ways they’ve been manipulating minds and included legitimate news sources to get the facts.

The absurd claim Bill made about not one Republican failing to denounce the Capitol rioters shows just how far removed from reality he is. Bill apparently didn’t notice Trump praising the rioters, telling them how special and loved they were, and only begrudgingly telling them to stop when it was far too late.

Bill seems very proud of the fact George Floyd’s murderer is actually going to be tried, but long history tells us not to get our hopes up for justice, and Bill ignored all the other victims whose killers were never even charged. Bill’s completely classless and irrelevant attack on George Floyd showed his true colors. Nowhere in my letter did I say anything about the 74 million Trump voters, much less that they were white supremacists, as Bill claimed.

My previous letter listed facts and sources concerning the percentage of BLM protests that included violence, which Bill ignored, opting instead for childishness. I don’t mind dissent Bill, I do mind lies.

While the financial damages from the BLM protests have definitely outstripped those of Trump’s big election lie estimated at $1-2 billion and $519 million respectively (it is estimated that Trump’s false election fraud claims have cost the country $519 million) money seems to be all Bill cares about. Personally, I think the damage a president who sought to undermine the democratic process in a desperate bid to hold onto lost power being supported by a violent attack on our government is far more damaging to our representative democracy than those financial costs.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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510 million is a drop in the bucket compared to what the democrats cost the country by refusing to work with Trump for four years, Namely Pelosi and Schumer.


I see you are full of hot air Kerins.

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