To the editor:

Regarding Tom McLaughlin’s column, “Do Black Lives in Chicago Matter?,” I am appalled at The Conway Daily Sun for publishing this piece. It is nothing but a laundry list of white supremacist talking points that are antiquated, irrelevant, vile, dangerous and completely uninformed.

The First Amendment protects our right to freely criticize the government, not to publicly spew hate speech denigrating not only all Black persons but anyone that supports their right to feel safe and welcome in their neighborhoods, communities, cities and country.

More than anything, though, I am unbelievably disappointed that the newspaper would actually print something so inflammatory. I encourage all people and businesses that contribute money to the paper to withhold their business until The Conway Daily Sun publicly denounces such hatred and vows to never print something so utterly racist again.

Racism wouldn’t thrive as it does, if it didn’t have the platforms to spread its hate. Don’t be that platform, editors of the Sun.

Mary Campbell

North Conway

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It's called "Freedom of speech". You don't have to like it, but without it you would not be able to have your voice printed. It is the news papers that do not tell the real story that are destroying this country.


Maybe the Sun could hold its columnists to a higher standard, or publish them as Letters to the Editor instead.

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