To the editor:

After the horrible “show” that Quddus Snyder put on in front of Trump supporters at the Lobster Trap, The Conway Daily Sun should ban publication of any of his letters. He’s “The” embarrassment, Mr. Laracy — not the Trumps.

Regarding the subsequent vandalism at Bill Cuccio’s private home, Democrats should make restitution along with an apology. Running a restaurant is a hard, never-ending job, particularly during this “pandemic.” How many Democrats’ homes or businesses have been trashed? Answer? Zero.

Many Republican headquarter volunteers are tired and angry of hearing from our visitors: “Our signs were stolen or vandalized” — far more now than in previous campaigns. Republicans don’t ride around and remove or deface Democrats’ signs. Republicans have had to endure counterprotesters at many of our events over the years. Republicans do not organize to harass Democratic events. So maybe Mr Butler, Mr Corbett (and others) should get a handle on their loose cannons.

Republicans have been rather quiet, non-rebellious or vindictive for a long time. Many Republicans are getting to the boiling point. We discourage, not encourage, harassment, vandalism or violence of any kind, it’s not the New Hampshire way.

You can vote whatever party you believe, but we must accept and live with one another. If you lack respect and common decency, don’t expect others to tolerate your incivility.

Mary Ann Shakir

North Conway

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Mary Ann,

Unfortunately, while they speak of peace, love, and tolerance, today's Democrats are anything but those things. In fact, you can expect them to act ever more vitriolic in their speech and violent in their actions as they move further and further to the Left. It is a deliberate political strategy adopted directly from Karl Marx, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin), and Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

They have a real hatred for our Country, its core values, and our Founding Fathers. They would call patriotism xenophobia, rugged individualism selfishness, prosperity greed, and pride in our exceptionalism white supremacy and racism. Their hatred is driven by their own self-loathing, envy, and personal inadequacies. They would blame others for their inability to cope with life’s challenges, believing they are owed some kind of reparations for their shortcomings.

Like immature children, they strike out, rebel, scream, and shout until they either get their way or burnout. They operate on emotions and feelings, without regard for the facts, the hard work of those that came before them, or the wisdom of experience.

They have no interest in real discourse, reasoning, or constructive debate. If they don’t agree with you, they shout you down. Disagreement is seen as an act of hatred rather than a diversity of opinion. They have replaced any religious inclinations with self-righteous political dogma. If you disagree you are simply treated like a heretic who must be scorned, or banished.

But worst of all, they are being created right within our own schools and universities by being fed a steady dose of, “Activism”, “Critical Race Theory”, Saul Alinsky, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, “White Fragility”, etc.

But here’s the thing; If this County is so terrible and racist, why are so many people trying to get here and why does every other country on the planet look to us for financial, humanitarian, and military help when in trouble?

Are we perfect? Nope. But we are the best there is, and we have always tried to do better.

So when it comes to the election, you can vote for the Party that believes America is inherently good and worth fighting for, or you can vote for the Party that has been supporting those that would riot, tear it all down, burn it all down, cancel your Rights, and “fundamentally” transform it into something resembling Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, China, Russia or worse.

Gregory Wallace

Mary Ann, most democrat's I know do not behave like jerks. It's the lunatic fringe that does and especially the far left followers of Marxism which now populate their ranks. They don't want any dissent from their agenda to be heard even among their own. I do not know any of my fellow conservatives who would ever condone such behavior from anyone. We live by example. The leftist Marxists just want to crush anyone who gets in their way. Such is the Democratic party now.


"If you lack respect and common decency, don't expect others to tolerate your incivility." I agree, that said do you remember before the election when Donald Trump paid a porn star to keep her mouth shut? Do you remember the famous "Access Hollywood" video starring Billy Bush and Donald Trump?

How can you support the morally bankrupt Donald Trump?


I support Trump because he apologized and it’s over. Lots of greedy people try to make false claims against wealthy people. Easier to pay them off than pay lawyers. In any event, none of us are perfect. Trump has done more for this country than any other president and Biden is a disaster in many ways. I’ll vote for a president who keeps his promises and has done a good job=Donald Trump.

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