To the editor:

On Wednesday I was about to leave my apartment when I noticed that a Census taker was going through my apartment building. I sat down and waited about an hour when I noticed him driving away! He walked right past my door and did not knock or leave a form for me to fill out.

Is this our tax dollars in action? I guess certain people just don't count in this Age of Trump.

Well, we only have a few months left.

Martin Call

North Conway

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Greetings. I am related to a Census Taker. I brought this matter to their attention. They informed me that due to COVID19 and the premises being an apartment building, the Census employee most likely went directly to the landlord or person in control of the premises. I doubt it has anything to due with President Trump.


I don’t know the specifics of Mr. Call's situation, but the Census process is:

1. Census workers receive their assignments each day.

2. Workers only go to the housing units they are assigned.

3. Cases are not necessarily assigned in consecutive order.

4. Workers do not simply walk down the street and knock on each door.

The census workers who are out now are going to homes that have not responded by phone, by mail or by computer.


Just go to and fill out the survey. Everyone was sent several notifications in the mail since March to complete the survey online. Then no one would need to knock on your door. That would save tax dollars!

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