To the editor:

On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, our son was on his way to Center Conway from Rhode Island with his girlfriend to check on us and help out. He had not been up here in a while due to the virus. They stopped at the Dunkin Donuts in Ossipee and went through the drive-thru. On the back window of a car two cars in front of our son was a sign that said “If your license plate does not say Live Free or Die, turn around and get the ‘expletive’ back home.”

When our son went to pay his bill, the employee gave him his order along with $8. The car in front of our son from New Hampshire had noticed the Rhode Island plate, paid for our son’s order and left the change. Our son asked what the bill was for the car behind him and paid the difference along with the $8.

My husband has Parkinson’s, dementia, and COPD. That is why our two sons in Rhode Island take turns coming up to help out. With the Mt. Washington Valley Adult Center temporarily closed, the challenges are greater for us.

Our son was not coming up to buy up everything or spread the virus. He was coming up to help his parents. And on his way up here he experienced the best and the worst that this whole thing has brought out in people.

If we treat people the way we would like to be treated, the world would be better off.

Lori Mills

Center Conway

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