To the editor:

Thanks to the newly passed and signed infrastructure bill, increased access to high-speed broadband will be the most important economic, educational, health and lifestyle boost for rural New Hampshire perhaps since every household got access to electricity.

From cradle to senior years, everyone’s life and prosperity will be improved. Digital entrepreneurs can set up shop and provide high paying jobs. Children and lifelong learners can have access to literally all the world’s knowledge.

Professionals can get online training and certifications. Doctors and patients will be able to consult with the very best specialists throughout the country. Seniors can reconnect with distant family and friends. Small farmers and businesses now will have access to local, state, national and global markets closed to them in the past. Property values will improve.

Credit must be given to President Joe Biden, who maybe because of his stutter, has been underestimated his whole life but continues to succeed and deliver on his promises when others before him failed. However, we must be vigilant. Remember, the radical state GOP tried to give back $27 million in COVID prevention money even as cases surged and hospitalizations and deaths soared

The best remedy is for a cycle or two vote Democrat to purge the extremists from the GOP. Once they are sidelined, Democrats and traditional Republicans can continue building a better urban, suburban and rural New Hampshire — and with high speed broadband will have one more tool to make it happen.

Leonard Witt


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