To the editor:

Several of the more than 50 executive orders President Joe Biden signed (without Congress' consent) in the last few weeks pertained to illegal immigration.

These include stopping the completion of the southern border wall, allowing catch and release into our towns and cities, reversing the agreement with Mexico of holding immigrants and unaccompanied children there until their status and parents could be determined in court, and releasing illegal immigrants from jail.

Finally, he stopped humane deportation by air travel back to countries of origin for those who don't qualify for the path to U.S. citizenship.

As a result, thousands of illegals a day are crossing into the U.S. Hundreds of thousands more are streaming to our borders on foot and rail from Honduras and Guatemala, some carrying the South American COVID-19 virus variant.

Our border crossing and gaps in the wall are overwhelmed. These people are mostly uneducated and will compete for lower paying jobs while our workers are unemployed due to the pandemic.

None of these immigrants are being tested for the virus much less being vaccinated. A country without borders is no longer a country. Question: Why is Biden risking American lives and jobs with these executive orders?

John Hartman


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Because Biden is a fool among fools.


Good, they can replace the violent racist MAGA losers that disgrace our country.

I am sorry sir but your allegations are not based in fact. Those individuals that are trying to head north to our borders have been halted at the southern border of Mexico which is a long way from our borders. According to our border patrols, our borders are not being breached at all. It is also important to note that under the Obama/Biden team more individuals were deported than under any other former presidency. It is also important to note that it is a proven fact that immigrants take the menial jobs that no one here wants. How many out of work Americans do you believe are picking vegetables or doing roofing midsummer. It is time to stop propagating lies which has divided the country thus far and support and not hinder the current administration. At least give them a chance before you immediately espousing false narratives.


What planet are you on. Tell that to the labor's that lost their jobs on the pipe line and the wall and many more to come Mr goodie two shoes.

You are one of the those that believe fake news. I'm not concerned about the 1,000 jobs that were lost to the pipeline and the wall is a total joke. Since you have chosen to go to name calling like all stupid retardicans I will not entertain you any further.

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