To the editor:

The current economic recovery is a direct result of the availably of Trump's warp speed vaccine and his pre-pandemic business base he built up and his lower taxes and lower regulations policy. The fact is that Brainless Biden is proposing to use the U.S. credit card i.e. printing money now to finance his liberal agenda and the trillions being gifted to that cause has very little to do with infrastructure but will have dire future economic consequences due to hyperinflation.

The government's printing money will dilute the value of the money in your pocketbook causing you to pay more for goods. Not to mention higher taxes taking your money. The public needs to be educated to these economic facts and the dangers of Biden's agenda which is Obama's quantitative easing on steroids which prolonged the great recession. Democrat's policy is tax and spend your money. Republican's policy is helping you create and you spend your money.

John Hartman


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In case you haven't noticed, inflation has already arrived.

Lumber costs are up 200%

Gasoline is prices have increased to 25%-50% and continue to rise (You can thank the closure of the XL Pipeline).

Grocery prices are on the rise too...

The Govt. is fine with this because it only allows for them to collect more tacked-on tax "enhancement".

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