To the editor:

I would like to set the record straight on Quddus Snyder’s ridiculous claim in Friday’s Conway Daily Sun that the group he calls the “Eaton Posse” has anything to do with ties to the Confederacy that ended 155 years ago.

The Conservative Group (real name) consist of several dozen men and women in Eaton and surrounding towns primarily focused on safety and welfare of our citizens.

Some of their projects have included watching at night when we had an arson, first responding to many nearby accidents on the Eaton corner, getting the speed limits in town lowered, getting warrant articles passed for sheriff coverage in town, and getting stop signs up at the corner (while Snyder was putting up a giant rainbow flag and silly signs there).

Oh! and yes, they were the ones that initiated getting your rainbow raft off the middle of Crystal Lake as a navigational hazard.

The Conservative Group works with our selectman, the DOT, Concord, and strongly supports our police and sheriff and elected officials.

Snyder, I wonder what you and your LOVE group are doing for the safety and welfare of our town and community? Judging by the hate language heard by passing cars near the inn it’s not working.

Finally, it seems Snyder’s words and actions are getting hateful, dividing and vulgar just like two years ago (CDS Aug. 16, 2018 P. 8) when he referred to our president as a jackass among other things. I would have to describe reading Snyder’s letters lately like being “smitten by the jawbone of an ass!”

John Hartman


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Is this what America’s grossly eroding integrity has come to? Even in the highly cherished MWV, the apparent hate that has grown exponentially over the last few years is simply heart breaking and shameful!

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