To the editor:

We should be sincerely concerned about what is taking place in Washington. Altering the way our senators conduct business that shapes America is leading us to an uncertain future. Sen. Elizabeth Warren labeled the filibuster as being racist demands a detailed clarification.

The filibuster is in lockstep with our Constitution. It has played a critical role with the day-to-day legal proceedings on the floor of Congress and has been part of our democracy for 244 years. The new administration controls the House, Senate and White House. Eliminating the filibuster could bring the opposite party to their knees and left virtually powerless.

Alexander Trachtenberg at the Communist Parties National Convention in Madison Square Garden predicted, “We will take the United States under the labels we have made very loveable: we will take it under liberalism, under progressivisms, under Democracy, but take it, we will.”

For the past four years it has become unmistakable the Democratic Party is a champion of socialism and progressive ideas. Attempting to eliminate the filibuster exposed the present administration’s leadership in Washington.

We must not allow Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her ruthless practices to determine the American people’s future. During the last four years she left the countries business on hold because she was unwilling to cooperate or compromise on many issues that are now proving to be in the best interest of the country. Her behavior during the last administration was a preview of what Nancy Pelosi is capable of as long as she is holding the position as Speaker of the House.

Joseph Dorsett Sr.


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