To the editor:

I am soon to be Denmark, Maine’s, newest resident. I am, as of earlier this week, under contract to buy a home on Bull Ring Road. I am moving there from just next door in Mount Washington Valley.

I was hoping to shed some light on my situation which is very much related to Maine’s ongoing issue with access to high-speed internet. I believe my particular situation would be especially of interest to your readers given the recent high-speed internet infrastructure bond issue referendum that passed with an overwhelming majority earlier this month.

As a remote worker, I was able to consider moving to rural Maine given that I can work anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. I have come to find out, however, that this address is coming up as “unserviceable” by both Spectrum and Consolidated Communications. We cannot seem to get an answer from either company on what it may cost to have the construction completed to have service extended to this address either. I find this very hard to believe as this is not an especially rural location.

I am beginning to believe this will become an obstacle that cannot be overcome prior to the closing date. I have reached out to the governor’s office, the entire congressional delegation for Maine as well as the local state senator and representative for this address.

I know that broadband internet access in rural Maine, and across rural America, is an ongoing issue of great importance. I am reaching out in hopes that having some light shed on this issue may not only help me but others in a similar situation as well. It is hard to believe that this is still an issue given the number of people working remotely and kids doing online learning. I also do not see how Maine can expect to attract young people to the state without universal access to high-speed internet.

Please reach out to me if you’d like to discuss this further.

James Scott


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Take a look at roads in area and wonder why so many are still unpaved. Town seems to have a thing about spending $ and is content with the good old days which also includes no broadband, reliable cell service or anything else that might cost a nickel.

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