To the editor:

My knowledge of local issues is not extensive — I have lived in North Conway for less than a year now — but one thing I do know about is skate parks.

I am an expert on skate parks, having had the great misfortune of living right next to one for more than six years. And that is why I am speaking up now to warn people about the skate park proposed by the Peare family for North Conway.

The skate park I lived next to started out just like the one now proposed by the Peare family. Private citizens sought public land for the park, promising that they would raise all of the necessary funds to build the park itself, that they would maintain the park once it was built and that the park would improve the local area, including by helping local youth.

The private citizens even cajoled the local municipality by saying that they needed the government’s donation of the land first in order to raise the necessary funds from grants — just as the Peare family is doing now with regard to the state land they seek.

Ultimately, all that was promised never materialized. The municipality, in addition to donating the land, had to chip in public funds to reach the final build amount. The municipality also ended up getting stuck with maintaining the park at significant cost every year.

And the skate park itself became a nightmare for the local neighborhood: drug use and distribution, fights, assaults upon innocent locals/passersby, discrimination against minorities, litter/trash, graffiti, trespassing, injuries, dangers to small children and noise pollution.

All of these nuisances persisted despite efforts by the municipality — a wealthy suburb, no less — and local police over the years to abate them.

One of the worst effects — if the skate park is built — will be noise pollution. The quiet of the local area will be shattered forever. Local residents literally can expect a diminution in their property values and in their life expectancy — the latter because they will be subjected to extreme stress on a daily basis from, at the very least, the constant cacophony of the skateboards hitting the concrete (or metal or wooden) surfaces of the park and the skateboarders yelling and grunting as they perform moves.

I can appreciate the Peare family wanting to honor the memory of their family member. But public planning should not be dictated by emotion or sentimentality or based on a single person but by what is objectively best for the community overall. The proposed skate park would simply be a nightmare for this community.

I oppose the skate park and will do everything in my legal means to prevent it.

J. Pietrangelo, II

North Conway

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The comment sections suggests the readers should "Share with Us. We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article." Well I don't have an eyewitness account but a quick search online shows me what could be "the history" behind this "article". Of course I could be wrong (after all I'm no investigative journalist & the internet isn't always accurate) but here's what I found.

"Skateboarding" is not a crime... however "contempt of court" is. Remember what happened when you tried to get the skate park shut down in Avon Lake, Ohio? I think you do but let's share with the readers...

The internet source alleges the following: The park was built in 2004 & you didn't move in until 2011 but that didn't stop you from taking "full legal action" to try & get it shut down. After you didn't get what you wanted you filed two motions seeking to have the trial judge disqualified but the trial judge voluntarily recused himself & a visiting judge was assigned to the matter.

Following the reassignment you sought reconsideration and/or renewal of various motions you filed in the past that were denied. The motions were ultimately denied. Then you failed to appear for the pretrial hearing & refused to answer legitimate questions seeking relevant information regarding the claims and defenses at issue.

Avon Lake then filed a motion to hold you in contempt and to dismiss his case with prejudice. Avon Lake asserted that you refused to answer four of the interrogatories claiming that the 4 questions were not within the scope of the trial court’s order. On the day of the scheduled trial the trial court heard the parties on Avon Lake’s motion. That day, the trial court issued a judgment entry stating that you “had been repeatedly put on notice that continued non compliance with legitimate discovery requests would result in sanctions including a dismissal with prejudice of this case.” The trial court then concluded that, “the Court must enforce its orders and has inherent authority to do so. Due to your disobedience, resistance to and refusal to comply with lawful orders of this Court, this case is dismissed with prejudice.” The trial court went on to find that you “acted in bad faith and vexatiously” and held you in “direct contempt of court" and fined you $500.00.” Luckily for you the trial court decided to suspend the fine and determined that “dismissal would serve as sufficient punishment for contempt.”

It would be a real shame if you choose to waste the courts time again here in your new home. We aren't Ohio. Our children & young adults aren't the children & young adults of Ohio. Choosing to move in next door to a single existing skate park does not make you an "expert" on skate parks. There is very little in the area to entertain the youth that doesn't carry a high price tag aimed at tourists, & this skate park would provide them just that.

Perhaps the energy you're expending in efforts to shut down this community effort that won't make an impact on your life one iota would be better spent getting to know your new community in a meaningful way. If you're concerned about pollution I suggest you participate in the upcoming "Valley Pride Day" clean up. It would be a wonderful way for you make a positive impact here in your new home & meet some of your neighbors who are also concerned with pollution.

For anyone wondering here's the link to the source material:


ok boomer

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