To the editor:

Having read about the accident that happened this past week with the bicycle on Route 16, I felt it was a tragedy that could have been avoided. It’s time to have a bike trail.

I know people tried to pass this years ago and most everyone was against it. Well, now someone was killed. When will we wake up and slow down so that we are aware of all the bikes with children through adult riders on the road? There are groups with riders in organizations, clubs and races. More and more people are doing it every year. It’s not only good exercise, but it’s free and a family activity.

I know many people with land don’t want to give an inch to this project, so I ask: If it were your family, how much would you pay to save their life? How far would you travel? We need to go back to the Bible where it says “Walk in love, Love your neighbor as yourself” and let go of your precious land and remember it’s only yours while you are here on earth and let some of it go to save a life. This was an accident. Next time it could be one of your loved ones.

Greta George


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Ask people in boston how well bike lanes work. If you want safety, bikes and cars should not be on the same road. If they are on the same road, the law should require bikes to ride FACING on-coming traffic, not with traffic. To treat bikes like cars is asking for death.

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