To the editor:

What is it with Carroll County Democratic representatives? Can they not speak for themselves? 

First, Rep. Edie DesMarais (D-Wolfeboro) had to bring a state representative to a budget discussion because she felt “inadequate” to discuss the budget and her support of it. Now, we have Rep. Anita Burroughs’ (D-Glen) husband writing to respond to my letter discussing her budget support. Can’t they defend their own votes?

In response to Burroughs’ Aug. 2 response to my July 30 letter, I’d like to make two points. 

First, the budget that Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed was NOT a bipartisan budget. It was a Democratic budget. Not one House Republican voted for this budget with a huge tax and fee increase and a structural deficit. Due to differences between the House and Senate budgets, there was a committee of conference. Who was on the committee? Democratic leadership stacked the deck and appointed all Democrats. Only after an outcry from Republicans did they appoint a Republican to the committee — as a non-voting alternate. Do you call that bipartisanship?

Second, in defending his wife’s budget support, Burroughs stated there was no structural “weakness.” It is more than a “weakness” when the budget has a built-in deficit. Thanks to the work of Sununu and Donald Trump’s tax reform, our last budget produced a surplus of over $260 million. The governor proposed using that one-time money for one-time projects — such as the traffic remedy at 302 and East Conway Road in Conway. Democrats cut those projects and instead used that surplus money for 2020-21 recurring expenses. They built in a deficit of approximately $100 million for those years, as expenses will exceed revenues.

Given the nature of their agenda, it is difficult, but shouldn’t Carroll County Democratic representatives be capable of defending their own votes and policies?

Rep. Glenn Cordelli

Carroll District 4


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