To the editor:

The Puritan in Manchester was the place to be Friday evening for the Manchester Democrats’ “Countdown to Victory Dinner.”

The sold out event was sponsored by presidential hopeful Tom Steyer.

The irony of a billionaire hosting an event and seated next to a small handful of Sanders operatives was not lost on anyone in the room.

There was little support for extremism and “freebies” with the centrist vision laid out by the candidates in attendance.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet kicked the evening off with an impassioned rally cry to the attendees.

Incumbent powerhouse in a tiny, beautiful package, Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig inspired the troops to get out the vote for the upcoming city-wide election to continue the progress that has been taking the Queen City into the future, while embracing its mill city past.

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) rocked the house as a master of Midwest values. She dove deep to turn apathy into empathy and pull our Democratic values to the top, like sweet cream resting upon farm fresh milk.

We heard from the two gubernatorial candidates devoted to taking on the Veto Monster of Concord. Gov. Chris Sununu is to Democratic legislation as Cookie Monster is to Chips Ahoy. Nom nom nom nom.

Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky (D-Concord) has been a champion for Berlin’s public schools, and I personally thanked him for his efforts.

Dan Feltes discussed his blue collar roots and drew contrast to our trust fund Bubba guv.

Tom Steyer spoke of his success in creating a billion dollar company from one employee, in a room with no windows. He highlighted the “Need to Impeach” campaign born of his efforts and how it has contributed to where we stand today with the legitimate and legal congressional inquiry.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg rounded out the candidates with a stump speech focused on equality, human equity and compassion for the days following the current administration.

Finally, the night concluded with honoring the Puritan family’s own, U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas. His district could not have a more committed and conscientious representative of Democratic values — only to be contrasted by the shame of a melange of Trump supporters across the street with signs that read, “Pappas: Stick to Chicken.”

Imagine if he were a woman and they were telling her to go back to the kitchen?

The legacy of excellence exhibited by the Pappas family and their 100 years of generously feeding and supporting the people of Manchester is a testimony to the ignorance of the protesters who can cluck all they want and go pluck themselves. They have nothing in comparison, except hate and apparently plenty of time to spread it.

Love wins and the candidates in attendance are meteoric titans beyond the scope of the current administration. This is a democracy built on truth and legislative progress, not a dictatorship built on lies and legislative lethargy.

Live free and vote blue.

Elizabeth Ruediger


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