To the editor:

From Tom Eastman's Valley Voice column on Saturday: Viewpoint Hotel attorney John Ratigan's statement that people cannot attack another property owner about a tree on his private property.

Physically attack? Of course not. But, here's what I think. Put the dollar signs aside and be a good neighbor. Leave the magnificent tree. (And, for that matter, modify your misguided design: your monstrosity does not belong on that site!)

And, to the Cannell Family, would you really like to see that tree go and see your family legacy become a 4-story, 98-unit hotel in a place where it clearly does not belong?

Dulcie L. Heiman

North Conway

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The Cannell family donated the land for the Intervale Overlook. This property is not going to obstruct that view. How does selling their old motel affect their legacy? Really? You people are a little crazed.

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