To the editor:

Regarding the article concerning the forced wearing of masks in public: I hope the people that are not willfully ignorant will recognize Rep. Knirk’s comments on seeing liberty as “important” and that “it has to be balanced with how it affects the life and liberty of other people” as nothing more than socialist seed planting. He refers to science as his position base; however, one can argue that there are an equal number of articles reporting the ineffectiveness of wearing masks.

As background, I am a military veteran, with four years active duty, including one which separated me from my family for over a year. I served so that our personal freedoms would not be so trampled upon.

Furthermore, I am a board-certified emergency department RN, that has served numerous years in both critical care and emergency care. Additionally, I have worked as an paramedic seeing people at their most vulnerable times.

The elected officials endorsing this grab of personal freedom remind me of the tyrannical regimes I served to defeat.

Lastly, the altruistic Reps. Knirk and Butler should spend their time more wisely on educating people, who actually choose to wear a mask, on how to wear it properly.

Doug Demars


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My brother-in-law was sickened by the virus and was on a ventilator for a month. He was slowly improving until a series of strokes left him in a vegetative state. After his wife put on all the protective gear and said her final good-bye to him, he was taken off the ventilator. At that point, my sister-in-law said, he opened his eyes but there was no one home. Just a blank stare - no eye movement - no eyelid movement. He died about an hour later. Just awful.

I wear a mask when out in public. To each their own ...


Socialism, like capitalism, is an economic system and both can be either democratic or dictatorial. Neither has anything to do with the question of having to wear a mask anymore than having to wear a seat belt or shoes in restaurants. As you claim to be an RN, you should know better than to oppose following recommended CDC and INS prevention guidelines. While you are correct that the policy for wearing a mask can be argued both ways, there is little in life, outside of mathematics, that is not indisputable. Are you also opposed to vaccines as some believe they cause autism? I don't know where you practice nursing but I don't trust your professional skills because you are mixing your political views with science and I certainly don't want you treating my family.


the right always uses Socialism as a dirty word. Meanwhile, Capitalism isn't working in this country except for the 1% (who runs the country and doesn't want to see a change). We need a more of a balance. A hybrid Capitalist/Socialist system is what we need.

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