To the editor:

Gov. Chris Sununu has lost all interest in leading and has just thrown his hands up when it comes to COVID.

Sununu has caved into the extreme members of the Legislature and is trying to please 30 percent of the people who don’t want to take any precautions against COVID or get vaccinated.

He signed a budget that took away his emergency powers to take any preventive measures to prevent the spread of COVID.

He was the only New England governor to join in the suit to prevent President Joe Biden’s common-sense mandate for healthcare workers from going into effect. So, the residents of N.H. nursing homes and other care facilities have to be subjected to unvaccinated staff.

Since summer Sununu has been telling everyone that a new COVID wave would be arriving this winter, but he has done nothing to try to reduce the spread of COVID. Now that the surge is here, he won’t fight to have people wear masks indoors even though the experts say it would help reduce the spread of COVID. Several weeks ago, he met with masked schoolchildren but he wasn’t even respectful enough to the children to put on a mask himself.

He is a typical anti-mask Republican. Sununu is increasing staff at the hospitals to treat the surge, but he is offering no support, common-sense guidelines or rules on how people can avoid getting sick in the first place even though the number of cases is higher now than last year.

This Sunday morning, he was on the CBS news show and basically said he is not going to institute any measures to protect people from COVID because we are the “Live Free or Die” state and people need to take personal responsibility when it comes to COVID.

New state motto — Live Free and People will Die. We need a governor who will fight for and protect the citizens of N.H. Sununu has lost all interest in doing what is best for N.H. It is time for Sununu to go.

Brian Lombard


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Scott Shallcross

Sununu sold his soul to the Free Staters who control the legislature. And now he stands resolute with them on their right to infect others.

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