To the editor:

On Christmas Eve, you published a letter from a Grinch named Sid who suggested that it is Jan. 6 that should be celebrated this year. I won’t dignify him by citing his last name, but there should be a loud chorus in Whoville against this asinine position.

This particular Grinch justifies his position by stating that “we have a duty to overthrow a tyrannical government” but he ignores the fact that government attacked on Jan. 6 featured the Former Guy as its chief executive and a newly elected Congress that had never governed. Joe Biden was not yet King of the Pond, and had yet to stack a single turtle on the way to proving tyrannical.

It was not “The Government” that was attacked by the mob on Jan. 6, it was “We” as a people. The Who’s that attacked it did not seek to supplant the Former Guy or the prior Congress, they sought to subvert Our will as a people.

This leaves us with what to do with this Grinch and all other advocates of violence against our social order. Those with active participation are being actively jailed as we speak, but what about the “Sids” of this world who did not shell out the bus fare to D.C., but perhaps dream of a book with a glorious role for themselves?

We will find out if Donald, Mo, Jim, Matt and the other authors of Jan. 6 will be punished along with the extras who actually attacked the Capitol, but let’s not join the Sid-Grinch in his applause of an appalling story.

Bill Scott

La Cañada Flintridge, Calif.

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I wouldn't vote for the Former Guy if someone put a gun to my head.

Happy New Year!

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