To the editor:

Liberalism is a mental disorder, and Leftism (or TDS) is a mental disaster. Cases in point:

The only truly happy liberal in America today has to be Jimmy Carter for finally having his legacy, as the dumbest president ever, relinquished by the dynamic duo of Joe “Mushbrain” Biden and co-leader Kamala “Giggles” Harris. But in all fairness to Mr. Peanut Man, Jimmy was, at least, an honorable man.

Donald Trump has been a civilian for six months now but his image is still imbedded in the brains of leftist Schumerholes, Pelosi Pinheads, and Schiffforbrains like a metastasized malignancy. Would it be expecting a miracle to read even one Trump Deranged Syndrome letter writer to lecture us deplorables on the greatness bestowed upon us by the second coming of Beavis and Butthead?

Start with the Jan. 6 shortest non-surrection in history ( about 5 hours long ) Do tell us how many buildings were looted and burned. Of the hundreds of idiots arrested, the most serious charges against them were “”peacefully.” (wink wink) trespassing in front of the police. “The worst attack on our Democracy since the Civil War and 9/11?” Get real and get a lobotomy.

And please, do tell us about how the border is now under control. Thank God those nasty kid cages, built by Barack’s bozos, have now been converted into migrant child facilities. Does anyone with a smidgeon of grey matter wonder why these kids were abandoned by their parents in the first place?

OK, that’s all for now. More to come later. So just enjoy these coming lazy, crazy days of summer inflation, and don’t let the Chi-Com bat bug bite you in the Schumer.

Bill Catalucci


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Gregory Wallace

Bill as liberals go "None so blind as those who will not or want to see," Also repeating a lie often enough until it becomes the be truth. Trying to explain what is wrong with the liberal thinking while they know very well it is a lie, falsehood, fabrication and distortion. If there was any facts in their spiel they would not have to rely on falsehoods. They discredit themselves by their very words from their own mouths. I have heard it all. The inflated number of votes cast for ol joe the geriatric gaffer. Never mentioning in some states there were thousands of votes cast than registered voters. That's a fact. Much of the paper votes have been destroyed or somehow "Lost". There is more as to the manipulating of voting machines that have less security features than some cell phones.

Mean while we are being destroyed both domestically and socially. Drug deaths and overdoses are way up. It's part of the plan. As far as insurrection goes. I saw persons with a "Don't tread on me." flag on a staff destroying equipment for the inaugural and then tossing the flag onto the wreckage to mark the spot. That was not one of us I am not waiting for them to wake up because it will be to late. Don't let them shut you up, any of you. Already the difference is glaring from how we were before the election and how we are now. We are crashing and burning as things get worse because of the liberal lies.

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