To the editor:

Our local television stations are currently awash with numerous advertisements by or for Sara Gideon and Susan Collins. Most of these raise various valid points about the candidates themselves or their opponent. But I find it strange that thus far none of these ads has commented on what might be the so-called elephant in that room. That is the way Collins supported Donad Trump in the impeachment trial and before then the way she helped get Brett Kavanaugh a seat on the Supreme Court. In each instance she feigned concerns for truth and justice but then simply towed the shameful Republican party line.

Now that Bolton‘s book is out we learn that there is considerably more evidence for other impeachable offenses by Trump. Lamar Alexander, a Republican senator, recently said that there was no doubt in his mind that Trump did the things he was impeached for. But he let him go because he thought the offense was not sufficiently impeachable. Interesting. Yet during the impeachment the Republican line was different. It was all about the charges not being true.

Regardless, in my view, Collins and all the other Republicans deserve to be shamed and removed from office because of their having been quiet about almost all of Trump‘s outrageous behaviors, misdeeds, and programs. The only Republican I still respect is Mitt Romney.

Arthur Heigl


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Arthur, the impeachment was seen for what it attempt to undue the 2016 electoral college landslide and give respect to Hillary. Sorry, everyone knows you cannot commit a coup, bloodless or not. The election is a few months away. That's how we do change in a democracy.


Sen. Susan Collins(R-ME) voted to acquit President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial and stated that she believes "the president has learned from this case." What a load of ... covfefe that is.

Time for Collins to go.

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