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Jessica McBride is accused of burglarizing a local motel that was seized by police. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — A woman has been indicted on charges that she illegally entered a local motel room in order to remove her daughter’s belongings.

Between Oct. 5 and 9, Carroll County Superior Court grand jury indicted Jessica McBride, 46, homeless, on charges of Class A burglary and falsifying physical evidence for an alleged incident at a North Conway motel in March.

On March 5, Conway Police Sgt. Dominic Torch was assigned to a drug case investigation seeking to locate a “wanted person,” Peter Smith, in a room at the motel. With him was a woman named Mysti Gray.

Police decided they would secure the room and apply for a search warrant. Gray and Smith were escorted out.

“The rear slider was open approximately 4 inches when we were on scene,” said Torch. “I made the decision to leave that door open as Smith and Gray had left it, as it was on the second floor approximately 10 feet from the tarred driveway and there was no way to access the room from the outside.”

Torch said he left the motel but Detective Chad Smith stayed there to secure the room. At about 6:34 p.m., Smith said he was “made aware” that someone had used a ladder to enter the room from the sliding door that was left open.

According to Torch, money was taken off the bed, a purse that had been hanging in the closet was on the floor. A bag of Fentanyl was in a different position.

“Based on the circumstances surrounding the burglary, it appeared that the suspect was aware of what was in the room and likely desperate to get the contents out of the room,” said Torch who noted Smith was in custody but Gray was not.

The police saw small boot prints consistent with a woman's feet. A witness said he saw someone "loitering" at the back of the motel and use a ladder to get into a room. The witness told motel staff, who passed the message to Smith.

Later, Detective Richard Therberge reviewed the security footage and identified the suspect as McBride, who is Gray's mother.

On March 6, McBride "ultimately confessed to entering room 311 and taking her daughter's wallet and money from the room," said Torch.

"She said that she was aware of the pending search warrant. She stated that she was inside of the room when the officer entered the room but was able to conceal herself until the officer went past her."

If convicted of the burglary, McBride would face 7 1/2 to 15 years in state prison. The falsifying physical evidence indictment is being charged as a class B felony and poses a possible sentence of 3 1/2 to seven in prison.

She was indicted in October on two more charges: Class A felony theft for allegedly stealing a handgun off a man's nightstand in Conway in July, and being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon for allegedly having the handgun.

She had previously been convicted in Carroll County Superior Court of a possession of a narcotic drug in 2007.

Carroll County Superior Court Judge Amy Ignatius ordered McBride be held on $1,000 bail that would convert to personal recognizance if she was able to get into a substance use disorder treatment center.

Court documents show McBride may be in rehab until Nov. 15.

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