Katie Towne

Katie Towne is seen in her booking mug short. (COURTESY WOLFEBORO POLICE)


WOLFEBORO — Police early Thursday morning arrested an allegedly "uncontrollable" Tamworth woman at Huggins Hospital. 

Police arrested Katie Towne, 28, of Tamworth and charged her with disorderly conduct and temporarily in protective custody. 

At about 4:36 a.m. May 6,  dispatch told Officer Joseph Shanks "of an uncontrollable female at Huggins Hospital. When Officer Shanks arrived, he located an intoxicated and disorderly female that was yelling and directing expletives at the staff," said a press release from Wolfeboro Police.  "After several attempts by the involved parties on scene to calm her down, Katie punched property belonging to the Hospital and began swearing loudly outside in the parking lot.

Towne has been released and issued a to be determined court date in the 3rd Circuit District Court in Ossipee, said Police Chief Dean Rondeau. 

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Gregory Wallace

Walking advert for "Don't do drugs.". Sad. Anyone notice how all of this accelerated shortly after the push to legalize and sell Marajuana took hold? Not only can't I spell it I also will not go anywhere it.


[rolleyes] Gregory Wallace you need to EDUCATE yourself.. marijuana is not a "drug" it's a medication & is by far safer than anything your pharmacist will ever give to you

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