Kennett Peforming Arts Awards

Kennett Dance Team seniors (from left) Katherine Dewhurst, Skyler Sayers, Charly Williams and Grace Goodman will be graduating with honors from the National Dance Arts Honor Society on Sunday. The Eagles were honored earlier this week at the annual performing arts end of the year awards in choir and dance. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Holly Fougere, performing arts teacher at Kennett High School recognized this year’s students who received performing arts awards in choir and dance earlier this week.

Unlike last year where the ceremony had to take place remotely, Fougere and her talented Eagles were able to meet in person this year.

This year’s recipients are:

Director’s Award for Chorus: Christina Solomon. Fougere said it is given to the student who displays outstanding musicianship and ability; exceptional dedication to the choir and choir events; qualities of leadership toward the choir as a section leader and/or student leader; and maintains a 3.0 or higher grade point average.

National School Choral Award: Cayleigh Mohla and Zehariah Osier. “It is a recognition of a student who has truly dedicated themselves to experiencing as much choral music and as many choirs as they had the opportunity to try," Fougere said.

Musicianship Award: Sierra McManus. Fougere explained the award is given to “the student whose dedication to the musicianship of the choir goes well above and beyond the call of duty. They are often a section leader or a strong member of their section."

Golden Microphone Award: Felicity Drouin. “This award is given to a senior choir member who has shown commitment, dedication and significant improvement in their vocal technique over their four years,” said Fougere.


Coach's Award: Skyler Sayers. “This award is given to a senior dance member who has been on the team all four years and demonstrates the most leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit and skill throughout their time on the team,” Fougere said. “This member participates in dance in and outside of school, is a mentor to fellow dance team members, maintains high academic grades and has helped bring the team to a higher level through their technique and positive attitude.”

Dance Team Spirit Award: Charly Williams. “The award goes to a dance team member who comes to practice with a positive attitude and cheers on their teammates throughout the season,” said Fougere.

Betty Loynd Dance Scholarship Award: Grace Goodman and Katherine Dewhurst. The scholarship is in memory of Betty Loynd (former principal and current teacher Jack Loynd’s mom), who was a longtime talented dancer and instructor. The award comes with a $250 scholarship

“This award is given to a dancer who has maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher, has done community service and has been a leader on the dance team,” Fougere said. “The recipient of this award truly loves dance and is someone who plans to continue dance beyond high school in some capacity."

Rising Star Dance Award: Brigitte Goldthorpe. “This award goes to an underclassman dance team member who has shown dedication and improved dance technique throughout the season,” Fougere said.

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