Backpack launch

Gov. Chris Sununu (left) and DOE Commissioner Frank Edelblut on the set of QVC before their backpack launch. (PHOTO COURTESY OF HELEN BACK)

CONWAY — Gov. Chris Sununu and DOE Commissioner Frank Edelblut are ready for the COVID-19 pandemic to end, and boy, do they have a deal for you.

The Sun has learned that the two state officials have started the S&F Backpack Co., which will be ready to launch the minute that remote learning ends.

“Believe me, no one wants to see students return to the classrooms more than the governor and myself,” Edeleblut said.

“We realize that when schools reopen, students are going to need new backpacks, as there have been reports that many students may have lost them or thought they may never need them again. We want every Granite State child to know, we’ve got your back and your backpack.”

Sununu on March 26 extended the remote learning period from the original April 3 date to May 4.

“By extending the distance learning for children who are at home until May 4 will provide parents, teachers and students the ability for longer-term planning, he said. “There are tough decisions. They really are.”

While there was speculation that the extended remote learning was pushed back due to trouble getting the backpacks into the country — they are reportedly being made in Ubackistaned — in an off-the-record interview, Sununu said that wasn’t the case.

Sununu and Edelblut expect to go nationwide with their launch on May 1 with a three-hour appearance on QVC Plus (6-9 p.m. on Channels 79 and 315).

Backpacks are scheduled to range in price from $39.99 to $603 (which is a deluxe tribute to the Granite State). And they arrive in specially sanitized plastic bags, so no pesky germs to worry about.

“And, remember, no sales tax,” Sununu said.

“I’d recommend our backpacks to anyone, from the student returning to public education, a charter school or even being home-schooled,” Edelblut added. “They also make great paperweights or doorstops.”

In a play on the movie “Back to the Future,” Edelblut said, the launch is being called, “Backpacks to the Future.”

“Chris gets all the credit for that one,” he said, “that’s why he’s the governor. l lobbied for it to be called, ‘The Empire Strikes Backpacks', but Chris used that darn veto pen.”

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