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The original Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.. Founded by the non-profit Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the memorial features 140 panels and the names of 58,276 who were either killed in action or who are missing in action. (COIURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — According to a handout provided by Tim Tetz of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the “Wall That Heals” and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington both feature 140 numbered panels, with 700 names on the largest panel and five names on the shortest.

Names are arranged in order of date of casualty and alphabetically on each day, beginning at the center with Panel 1E (under 1959), ending above the 1975 on 1W. The first and last casualties are side by side at the apex of the Memorial.

Other facts:

• Service by branches on the wall: 65.6 percent Army; 25.5 percent Marine Corps; 4.4 percent Navy; 4.4 percent Air Force; and .01 percent Coast Guard.

• The names of 16 chaplains and eight women (all nurses) appear on the wall.

• The average age of service members on the wall: 22 years, 9 months.

• Forty sets of brothers and three sets of fathers and sons are listed on the wall.

• 160 Medal of Honor recipients are on the wall.

•  Age of the youngest service member: 15 (Dan Bullock, Panel 23W, Line 96; oldest soldier on the wall: Kenna Taylor, 62, Panel 7W, Line82.

• Deadliest year on the wall: 1968.

• Most casualty deaths for one day (Jan. 31, 1968): 246.

• Number of service members still missing in action: 1,500-plus.

• Age of Maya Lin when she won the design competition when she was a Yale undergraduate: 21. (There were 1,421 entries in the competition.)

• Five years of casualties are listed on Panel 1E; five months of casualties are listed on Panel 2E; and five weeks of casualties are listed on Panel 3E.

• The wall in Washington is 493 feet long and a little over 10 feet at its highest point. The wall replica is 375 feet in length and stands 7.5 feet at its tallest point.

• Like the original, the replica is erected in a chevron shape, and visitors can do name rubbings of individual service member’s names on the wall. The wall replica is constructed of Avonite, a synthetic granite, and its 140 numbered panels are supported by an aluminum frame.

• 58,276 names are on the wall.

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