Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis is seen in his police mugshot. (CONWAY POLICE PHOTO)

OSSIPEE — A Rochester man charged in connection with an alleged Conway marijuana grow house has pleaded not guilty in Carroll County Superior Court.

Daniel Davis' alleged co-conspirator, Greydon Turner of North Conway, also pleaded not guilty on April 17 to a Class B felony, conspiracy to violate the controlled drug act by allegedly facilitating a marijuana grow house in a mobile home on Colbath Street in Conway Village.

Turner, 49, is a member of the Conway Municipal Budget Committee and was a failed candidate for planning board at the April 9 town elections, which took place a day after Turner was charged.

A criminal complaint issued by Assistant County Attorney Matthew Conley said that Davis, 50,  "knowingly and with the intent to sell" possessed or had under his control "marijuana, a Schedule I controlled drug, in an amount (more) than one once but less than five pounds."

Conway police say Turner paid the rent and utilities  at the mobile home while knowing about the grow house.

The pair remain free on bail.

Davis is represented by Stephen Jeffco of Stephen T. Jeffco Law in Portsmouth.

Turner is represented by Dennis Morgan at Cooper Cargill Chant Attorneys at Law of North Conway.

Also filed with the court was a probable cause statement from Conway Police Detective Dominic Torch.

It said police were notified on April 6 of the alleged grow house by a local business owner identified only as “19-1-CI.” The business owner said he was at the residence on Colbath Street on a service call and said “there were marijuana plants out in the open.”

Master Patrolman Shawn Baldwin and Torch visited 18 Colbath St. later that day for a “knock and talk.”

Torch said he saw indications of a grow operation, including a ventilation pipe on the vestibule wall, fan noise and windows covered in black plastic.

They knocked on the door, and a man’s voice answered. Torch said he heard loud thuds. On the belief the man might be destroying evidence, Torch and Baldwin entered and saw a black tent-like device with a red light behind it.

Torch said after they unzipped the cloth they saw the marijuana grow with lighting and ventilation.

“After several minutes, we located a male in the back of the room,” said Torch. “He was ordered into custody at gunpoint and taken into temporary custody.”

The man was identified as Davis.

Sgt. Ryan Wallace then went to ask the owners of the home, Ken and Jennifer McPherson, who live on nearby Hobbs Street, about who was living at 18 Colbath St.

Jennifer McPherson told Wallace it was her understanding that Davis and Turner were friends from high school.

Status conferences for both Turner and Davis are set for June 12 in Carroll County Superior Court.

Turner's "Felonies First" receipt of indictment target date is July 17. Davis’ "Felonies First" receipt of indictment target date is July 22.

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