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Karoline Leavitt of Hampton is a Republican candidate for Congress in District 1. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Republican congressional hopeful Karoline Leavitt on Wednesday sparred with Sun Publisher Mark Guerringue about Donald Trump and the economy during a combative editorial board meeting, held via conference call, and during which she twice threatened to hang up the phone.

Leavitt, 25, of Hampton, is a former assistant press secretary for the Trump administration. She’s currently neck and neck in statewide polls with Gilford Republican Matt Mowers for the lead in the primary race, which will be decided Sept. 13. The winner will take on incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas in the general election in November.

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Trump haters are really sick. The economy is a disaster, border is wide open and cartels rule. NH parents should be very upset with the democrats allowing drugs to flow into this country. The Conway Sun is a liberal newspaper. Most people who like Trump is for his commonsense policies not as a God. We are not in love with the man but love that when he was President he loved his country and the people of this great country. He did no harm but the democrats and the corrupt and biased press did by not reporting facts but going after a man they were obsessed by. I have never figured out the hate. I don’t like Biden but don’t react like the Trump haters.


One would think that these “Republicans” would be ashamed to admit that they had anything to do with Drumpf! He is facing charges of TREASON when he loses his attempt to stop DOJ from prosecuting him for mishandling (at the least) of our Nation’s Top Secrets! I have no doubt that they will discover that some of those secrets have found their way into the hands of Putin! After all, Drumpf owes him over $600 MILLION dollars that he can’t pay and I’m sure he realizes what happens to those who double cross Putin….no wonder he won’t eat or drink anything while “on the road”. Putin’s known for poisoning those with whom he is unhappy. IF Leavitt was that important to the Drumpf administration, one has to wonder whether she was involved in the “packing up” of those Secret documents that ended up in Florida! Perhaps before she is elected anything (including dog catcher), someone should dig into whether she is involved in this CRIME!

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