Here are Carroll County results that were available at press time:

• In Albany, Sen. Bernie Sanders was the top Democratic vote-getter with 69 while Donald Trump received 69 in the Republican contest. Trump’s main challenger, Bill Weld only received three. The runner-up in Albany’s Democratic Primary was Sen. Amy Klobuchar with 36 votes. Pete Buttigieg received eight votes. Elizabeth Warren received 19 votes. Joe Biden received 10 votes.

• Sanders carried Eaton with 45 votes. Klobuchar came in second with 31 votes; Buttigieg third with 26 votes; Biden fourth with 12; Warren fifth with 10 votes. In the Republican contest, Donald Trump bested Bill Weld 41-12.

• In Moultonborough, where 791 Democratic votes were cast along with 71 absentee ballots, Buttigieg was the top choice with 285 votes, while Amy Klobuchar was second with 243, followed by Sanders, 190; Biden, 104; and Warren, 63.

On the Republican ballot, Donald Trump was a clear winner with 740 votes, while Weld got 70 votes.

• In Madison, Buttigieg won with 188 votes. Klobuchar was second with 160, followed by Sanders, 142; Biden, 64; ad Warren, 54. On the Republican slate, Trump got 255 votes, and 24 for Weld.

— Daymond Steer and Lloyd Jones

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