1-9-19 Mike Cryans visits

Newly sworn-in Executive Councilor Mike Cryans visits The Conway Daily Sun office Tuesday. (JAMIE GEMMITI PHOTO)

CONWAY — Newly sworn in District 1 Executive Councilor Mike Cryans made several stops in town Tuesday, including one at the Sun office.

Cryans (D-Hanover) defeated incumbent Joe Kenney (R-Wakefield) in the November election 58,066-53,956. It was the fourth attempt for the 67-year-old Cryans in trying to beat Kenney.

District 1 is the largest of the five districts and stretches all the way down from the Canadian border to the lakes region.

"My goal is to be out in the community," said Cryans. "I ran under the premise that I wanted to do constituent service, and the worst thing I could do now is not do it."

Asked how the job is going, Cryans said: “I’m very glad to be there. I have only been sworn in since Thursday (Jan 3). It’s a big change.”

Cryans, a running enthusiast, said he couldn’t sleep the night before swearing in-day, so he went for a jog around 3 a.m. down the side streets of Concord. He got back to the hotel at 5 a.m. and asked the lady at the front desk for the fitness room because if he went back to his room at that hour he’d annoy his wife, Julie, and son, Connor, 21. (He also has an older son, Cameron, 43, who lives in Colorado).

Running has been a big part of Cryans' life since high school. When he turned 40, he started keeping track of his mileage and is expecting to pass 100,000 miles in late March. This is based on 10-mile-per-day run on average.

"I've gone eight years without missing a day, which is kind of neat," said Cryans.

Since being elected, he's met with different groups within the district of 109 towns and four cities.

“It’s a big district,” said Cryans.

On Tuesday, he stopped by the Sun after meeting with a local supporter and also members of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealer’s Association, which was having a meeting at Crest Auto World in Redstone.

In addition to traveling, Cryans has also met with a number of commissioners and employees from state agencies as well as members of conservation groups. He’s attended events like the retirement party for longtime Grafton County Sheriff Doug Dutile.

On the afternoon of the Jan. 3 swearing-in, the governor and council had one quick meeting. Cryans said the meeting was “rather easy” and involved three items from the state treasurer and the meeting schedule for the next six months.

The governor and council was to meet again Wednesday. Cryans said it would pertain to things like contracts and personnel issues. In advance of that meeting, a state trooper came to his home and delivered a stack of documents that was over a foot tall, he said.

At the meetings, the executive councilors sit around a table with the governor in the order determined by their district number. As a District 1 councilor, Cryans is seated to the governor’s right.

The other council members are Andru Volinsky (D-Concord) of District 2, Russell Prescott (R-Kingston) of District 3, Ted Gatsas (R-Manchester) of District 4 and Debora Pignatelli (D-Nashua) of District 5.

Reached by phone, the council’s executive assistant Meagan Rose said despite the snowstorm, the council was able to meet Wednesday. At Cryans' request, they had the “breakfast” portion of their meeting at the Department of Environmental Services at 8 a.m. These meetings give councilors a chance to visit agencies they want to learn more about.

Rose said the only thing affected by the storm was there was no musical guest to play before the opening of the regular meeting at the statehouse as the school students who were set to the perform couldn’t make it.

Cryans said that if anyone has state issues that need his attention, people can call the council office at (603) 271-3632 or his cellphone at (603) 443-1901.

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