OSSIPEE — The man accused of dragging an officer after being stopped near Walmart and then leading police on a high-speed chase through town in March of 2018 is on a track to plead guilty to two counts of reckless conduct.

Tyler Olisky, 23, now of Tilton, is scheduled for a plea and sentencing hearing on June 24 in Carroll County Superior Court at 10 a.m., according to a dispositional conference order signed by Judge Amy Ignatius on April 15 and a subsequent notice of hearing.

At present, Olisky is free on bail and now apparently living at an address in Tilton, according to court paperwork.

During his court appearance last year, the public defender, Amy Ashworth, who appeared by video conference, said Olisky is from the Lakes Region and that his mother lives with Tamworth. Ashworth said he went to school in Ohio for automotive/diesel certifications.

The order notes that Olisky’s case is on track to be resolved with a “capped plea” meaning that the judge would not give him a greater sentence than what’s arranged in the plea deal, though Olisky would likely argue for less.

The proposed plea proposal of Nov. 29, 2018, says Olisky would plead guilty to two counts of reckless conduct in exchanged for serving up to two to six years in state prison plus payment of restitution, and a three- to six-year prison sentence suspended for five years pending good behavior.

The first reckless conduct indictment from April 2018 says that on March 27, 2018 in North Conway, “Tyler Olisky drove away as (Conway Police) Sgt. Michael Boucher was attempting to remove the defendant from his vehicle, dragging Sgt. Boucher down the road, and the motor vehicle in the manner in which it was used is known to cause serious bodily injury or death.”

The second reckless conduct indictment says that “Tyler Olisky operated a motor vehicle at a high rate of speed in an oncoming lane, with numerous other motorists present, nearly striking another vehicle head-on in the intersection of the North South Road and Kearsarge Road, and the motor vehicle in the manner which it was used is known to cause serious injury or death.”

The indictments were signed by then-assistant county attorney Kimberly Tessari, who since left to become a State Police prosecutor.

The case is now being handled by Deputy County Attorney Steve Briden while Olisky is represented by Mark Sisti of Sisti Law Office in Chichester.

According to the notice of the plea and sentencing hearing, Olisky faces the following charges: seven counts of reckless conduct, three counts of conduct after an accident, two counts of resisting arrest, three counts of disobeying an officer, theft and felonious use of a firearm.

Other charges not addressed by a plea deal would likely be dropped.

Details of the case were revealed in Boucher’s probable cause statement. The story began around 4 p.m. on March 27, 2018.

The chase, which began at Walmart in North Conway and ended near the White Mountain Stove Shop in Madison, spanned about 10 miles and took about eight minutes.

Following the chase, police went to Walmart and interviewed Matthew Colella, Walmart’s assistant protection associate.

“Colella said that he observed Olisky in the automotive section of Walmart, removing higher priced oil filters from their packaging and placing them into lower priced oil filter packing,” said the probable cause statement written by Boucher.

“Colella also observed Olisky conceal multiple automotive light bulbs in his clothing ... When Colella confronted Olisky in the parking lot to ask him to return to the store, Olisky did not cooperate and went to the Honda and fled the scene. Automotive light bulbs were recovered from Olisky’s pockets after his arrest.”

Police were dispatched to Walmart and told the suspect fled in a white Honda Civic with Ohio plates.

Patrolman Tomasz Tepper and Boucher pulled the vehicle over on the North-South Road. Tepper approached the car from the passenger side because he saw Olisky reaching around in the car. Tepper ordered Olisky to shut off the car and exit, but Olisky allegedly refused.

Meanwhile, Boucher opened the driver’s side car and grabbed Olisky with his left hand and reached for his pepper spray with his right.

“I raised my pepper spray and sprayed towards the operator’s face, as he floored the accelerator pedal,” wrote Boucher. “I tried dragging the operator out of the car as it sped off, but I lost my footing and my feet started dragging alongside the car, just in front of the rear driver’s side tire.

“As the speed continued to increase, I let go, landing on the pavement, and rolled onto my back to get away from the rear wheel. Ptl. Tepper said I was dragged 20 feet. I suffered scrapes and scratches to my knees, arms and hands.”

Boucher said he and Tepper then gave chase to the Honda, which was going north on the North-South Road at speeds “in excess of 90 mph.”

The Honda turned onto Kearsarge Road and nearly got into an accident. Then turned south on Route 16.

“The Honda narrowly avoided colliding with north and southbound Route 16 traffic and did not care that pedestrians were on the side of the roadway,” wrote Boucher, adding the Honda continued through the North Conway strip.

Chief Ed Wagner was at the intersection of 16 and Eastman Road, where he used his cruiser to block northbound traffic.

“The Honda veered to the right and slid sideways around Wagner’s cruiser, then regained control and continued south on Route 16,” wrote Boucher.

The Honda slowed down and stopped at the Saco River bridge, which at the time was under construction. Both Tepper and Boucher exited their cruisers and approached the Honda.

“I then heard the Honda’s engine rev up, I heard and saw the front tires start spinning on the pavement, and saw the Honda only inching forward,” wrote Boucher. “I then realized that the Honda had driven into the stopped pickup truck in front of it and was now pushing it forward.”

After getting clear of the bridge, the Honda continued on to the lights at the East Main Street intersection.

“I did not want the Honda to intentionally strike anymore motorists, nor did I want it to speed through Conway Village, so I drove the front right corner of my cruiser into the driver side door of the Honda to try and pin it against the curb and end the pursuit,” said Boucher. “The Honda somehow got free and and then drove up on the sidewalk in front of the Echo Group and sped off around the southbound traffic.”

Boucher added that the Honda hit another vehicle near Conway Library. A Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputy, who was heading north, joined the fray near the intersection of Route 16 and 112. The car slide toward the cruiser, Boucher said.

“At the last moment, the Honda regained control and drifted around the cruiser, missing a high-speed, head-on crash by only a few feet,” said Boucher.

Near the White Mountain Stove Shop in Madison, the Honda nearly crashed into a northbound pickup truck. The Honda avoided the truck but drifted sideways and came to rest in a ditch.

Officers approached with guns drawn, and Olisky “began frantically digging around the console and floor area of the Honda.” Then he put his back to the passenger side door.

Tepper approached the car, pepper-sprayed Olisky and pulled him out of the car’s window.

Police searched the car and found a “silver-handled handgun” identified as a Bersa .380 semi-automatic handgun. They also found a 9-inch fixed blade knife.

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