CONWAY — A Maine man will be heading to jail in September after being convicted of exposing himself to a 16-year-old girl in the parking lot of the North Conway Walmart on July 4.

Circuit Judge Charles Greenhalgh accepted a guilty plea of lewdness/indecent exposure from Gary Allen, 66, of Biddeford, Maine, on July 23.

He sentenced Allen to nine months in jail with all but 45 days suspended for two years. Allen is to begin his jail time Sept. 20 at 9 a.m.

Allen was given two days of pretrial confinement credit. He also was ordered to complete a psycho-sexual evaluation and complete any recommended follow-up. He is not to have any contact with the girl for two years.

According to the warrantless arrest affidavit written by Conway Police Sgt. Michael Boucher, on July 4 at around 4:30 p.m. he was called to Walmart with a couple of other officers with a report that a man had exposed himself to a girl while her father was inside the store.

When police arrived, the girl was in the store office with her father and a store employee.

The police interviewed the girl. She said she was learning to drive and had driven her father and Allen, who is friends with her father, to the Walmart in a Jeep SUV. The trio had been camping in the valley.

Allen was seated in the right rear passenger seat. The girl told police she heard a scratching noise and when she looked he was masturbating and looking at her.

"(The girl) said that she saw Allen's hand stroking his erect penis that was sticking out of the pulled-up shorts," said Boucher.

The girl ran into the store and called her mother. The girl's mother had her boyfriend call the North Conway Walmart, said Boucher, adding that an employee found the the girl in the bathroom and and she was brought into a back office.

An employee said she saw Allen enter the store.

Police found Allen by the Jeep.

Boucher wrote that the girl's father "did not seem concerned at all with the traumatic experience that (the girl) had just gone through, and was only concerned about how much longer they had to be there because they had a long drive home back to Maine."

He added that the father was "very rude" to his daughter.

He also reported that the girl's father was "sent on his way," and the girl was released to her mother and her mother's boyfriend.

After being read his rights, Allen was questioned by Conway officer Chad Smith.

"Allen admitted to masturbating in the Jeep behind (the girl) and that (the girl) saw his exposed penis," said Boucher. "Allen said that he thinks of ( the girl) on a regular basis, in a sexual manner, and explained it as being more than just sexual. Allen went on to state that he has watched (the girl) grow up, and thinks that he can rectify this situation."

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