Charles Allen

Charles Allen of Madison, pictured during a trip to Oregon, accidentally signed up to be a selectman when he meant to file for planning board. (DAYMOND STEER PHOTO)

MADISON — A local man’s attempt to remain on the Madison Planning Board went awry when he accidentally signed up for a seat on the board of selectmen.

Now he’s hoping voters write him in for the seat he wanted.

Charles Allen, 65, and incumbent Bill Lord, 64, will both appear on the ballot for a two-year selectmen’s seat, but Allen says he doesn’t want it.

Allen, who runs Construction Management and Estimating in Madison and has lived in the town for 25 years, told the Sun he filled out the wrong application.

“I’m not really running for selectman,” said Allen. “It was a mistake.”

There is plenty of need for planning board applicants. There are two planning board seats with three year terms up for election. Incumbent Paul Marks Jr. filed for one seat and the other is uncontested. There is one, two year planning board seat which Allen seeks as a write in.

Allen is already on the planning board, but his term is expiring. He would like the two-year seat.

“I think the people on the planning board are going to want to write me in because they have enjoyed my company,” he said. “I don’t know who wrote me in last year but somebody did.”

Residents vote on March 10.

Town Clerk Michael Brooks confirmed to the Sun there is no way to change the ballot at this point.

Allen said someone sent him the wrong form, his office staff filled out most of it, and he sent it in to the town hall Feb. 7. He realized the mistake was made only after Land Use Administrator Colleen King told him he was running for selectman

“I said, ‘Oh, give me a break,’” said Allen.

The Sun asked Allen what he would he do if he won.

“If they said I filled out the form, I was elected, that I need to serve, then I probably would,” said Allen.

Allen worked for Glen Builders for over 20 years. He started his own business two years ago. At present he’s helping construct a new hotel on the old Fandangle’s site in North Conway. He also does work for developer Joe Berry.

Allen said he has a sense of humor about the filing mix-up.

“Whatever happens happens — I’m sure I will be able to deal with it and the town will be OK, too,” said Allen. “The ramifications aren’t life-threatening, and I still have an eraser on my pencil.”

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