No one knows how costumes from “The Masked Singer” showed up at the hospital in North Conway. (JAMIE LYNN SPEARS PHOTO)

CONWAY — Memory Hospital in North Conway has been inundated with offers to provide protective equipment for health-care workers.

Among the recent contributions that just showed up in the mail last week were a couple of costumes from the celebrity music mystery show “Masked Singer.”

Hospital President Art Mathman said the costumes were accompanied by a note suggesting they could be used by doctors and nurses while caring for the sick.

The costumes resembled those worn by New Hampshire natives Adam Sandler and Leeanne Smith when they were contestants on the show but appear to be prototype designs.

Contacted for comment, neither Sandler nor Smith knew anything about the donation.

Mathman said some homemade protective gear showed potential in the hospital setting and some didn’t.

“We can’t use just any old thing for a mask,” he said. And the costumes fall into that category.

“First of all, these are too bulky. Although they are substantial enough to keep out any large particles, and could be fitted with a positive airflow apparatus, there’s just no way our people can do the work they need to do with these things on.”

However, Mathman didn’t want to appear ungrateful for the donation.

He said: “The community has really stepped up to help in this time of crisis, and the hospital is very appreciative for all the community support. Please contact the hospital first to see if your design will work for us before you send us supplies.”

Then he said the hospital might find some use for the costumes. “Perhaps we can use these to cheer people up.”

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