ALBANY — Two men had to be rescued by state Fish and Game conservation officers Tuesday after one sustained a knee injury during a hike in the area of the Tripyramid Mountains off the Kancamagus Highway.

According to Sgt. Alex Lopashanski of Fish and Game, the department was notified at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday that "a hiker with a knee injury who was wet after falling in a brook was in need of assistance.”

Jay Dulski, 28, of Boston and Thomas Miller, 31, of New Canaan, Conn., had been on a multi-day hike, but on Sunday Dulski reportedly injured his knee, although he was able to continue hiking.

On Tuesday, they were working their way out of the mountains on the Downes Brook Trail, when at about 3.5 miles from the trailhead, Dulski broke through the ice along Downes Brook and was submerged to the waist. The men were carrying a satellite phone and were able to send a message for help.

Conservation officers, along with members of the U.S. Forest Service, Mountain Rescue Service and Pemi Valley Search and Rescue Team, responded.

“Rescuers first made contact with Miller, who had been hiking out to assist rescuers, and he stated that Dulski was in a sleeping bag and in good condition,” Lopashanski said.

“Rescuers reached Dulski just before 3 p.m. They were able to warm him, and having packed the trail, Dulski was able to walk out 2.5 miles to a waiting snow machine, which transported him the last mile to the trailhead," Lopashanski reported.

"He arrived at the trailhead shortly after 6:30 p.m. and left with Miller in his own vehicle.”

It’s been a busy winter for Fish and Game in terms of rescues, and “it doesn’t look like winter is going anywhere for awhile,” Lopashanski said.


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